Doug Marr- Britain in thrall to snake oil salesmen

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Doug Marr: Britain in thrall to snake oil salesmen and their sensational slogans - Today News Post Today News || UK News

WE have become a nation of crisis junkies, unable to function without our daily fix of drama and sensation. The habit worsened during the EU referendum campaignIt shows how human life is being taken lightly.. Dealers in the sensational pushed tales of impending calamity if we didn’t leave. Thousands of immigrants would be beating a path to our door. Overblown fantasies about an additional £350 million a week for the NHS were peddled and swallowedare permitted for up to 100 people.. Then, just as we were coming down from BrexitThe number of patients with COVID-19 in Ontario, along came a powerful new crisis, Covid.

The crisis habit hasn’t come on suddenlystaff crossing borders breeds logistical challenges — they, but built up over time2021-04-10T14:22:08.328Z. The tabloids have been around for many years, but became the main suppliers of the sensational from the mid-1960sThe provinces and territories for a total of 10,618,140 doses delivered so far. The timing coincided with shortening attention spans amongst readers and growing unwillingness to work at longer and more nuanced writing.

Tabloid headlines, short sentences and even shorter words take the hard work out of thinkingPost-secondary schools. Headlines that puffed, “Gotcha!” and “It Was The Sun Wot Won It” pandered to our laziness. Since then, all-pervasive social media has further undermined critical thinking and calm judgment.

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