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Ovim Venezuela heavy oil engine group installation project overseas obvious strength

ovim Venezuela heavy oil engine group installation project overseas obvious strength

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clamping force will not disappear

early November 2016, The work of pushing the top of the first Venezuelan heavy oil engine set to the installation position of the plant, undertaken by Liuzhou ouvim Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ouvim) engineering company, was successfully completed. The completion of this project fully demonstrates the equipment specialization of ovim company and the rigorous working spirit of ovim people, and highlights the quality of ovim products, sophisticated technology and the strength of Chinese people to undertake large-scale projects overseas

the construction personnel of ovim successfully connected the first engine with the generator

Venezuela heavy oil project needs to install a total of 6 generator sets. The tasks received by ovim mainly include the rotation of the generator in situ and the horizontal pushing of the engine in place. According to the requirements of the project department, it is necessary to rotate the 70t generator in the plant by 90 degrees in situ, and then dock it with the engine pushed and slid from the 70m outside the plant. The installation and docking accuracy of the whole engine set is controlled within the millimeter level unit. The whole heavy oil power generation project is expected to complete the installation of six generator units before the Chinese New Year. In order to carry out the project smoothly and with high quality, the representatives of the project equipment party went to ovim company to discuss the scheme at the beginning of this year. Due to many adverse conditions on the construction site, ovim has held many scheme discussions between the construction team and the technical team, and finally decided to adopt the rotation and step-by-step sliding mode designed by the company for construction

the plan has been discussed, but there are still many practical tasks to be done in the cleaning process. Due to the need to cooperate with the overall equipment shipping of Party A, the time left for the company to prepare equipment and processed parts is relatively short. After weighing various factors, it is finally decided to use the existing jacking Jack and zldb improved pump station and other equipment of ovim company

vertical jacking on the generator taxiway

after full preparation in the early stage, the first 300t engine arrived at the construction site from the port on November 4 after six 80t generators on the site were rotated 90 ° in place on September 12

rotation in the generator circular slide

after strict technical disclosure and on-site arrangement, the members of the on-site project department overcome the adverse factors such as the settlement of the existing site, and use ovim's own equipment to install the generator sliding track on the site, vertical jacking, rotation and deviation correction in the track until they reach the designated position; The engine also began to start, slid into the plant, and accurately pushed the engine 60m to a position flush with the generator in the plant

during the implementation process, ovim construction members did not dare to slack off at all. They focused on it, walked carefully, and finally completed the perfect connection between the generator and the engine

the construction personnel of ovim slid the engine into the plant

the relevant person in charge of Sinohydro Bureau 8, the contractor of the project, said: this heavy oil engine unit installation project shows us the specialization of ovim's equipment and the spirit of rigorous construction of all the members in the field of instrumentation, which fully shows that ovim's products, technology and working spirit are absolutely first-class

the project is still in progress, and the engine units that have arrived successively need to be completed by the project team of ovim engineering company. The head of ovim project department said, "we will continue to give full play to the rigorous and professional spirit of ovim people and complete the follow-up work with ③ rebound hardness with quality and quantity guaranteed."

ovim construction personnel slide the first engine in place

the heavy oil power generation project is located near Santa Ines Batalla refinery, about 40 kilometers away from the city of Barinas, Venezuela. The main quantities are: install six w? rtsil? 18v46 GD diesel unit, with a total installed capacity of 100 MW; Steel structure framework of 115/34,5 kV substation and 8 34,5 kV output lines (bus bars and switching devices), including transformers, circuit breakers, switches, control devices, protective devices and related connections. The project will make full use of the regional advantages of the existing oil refinery. After completion, it will help to alleviate the current power shortage in the region of Barinas, Venezuela, and improve the local economic strength

the Venezuela heavy oil engine set installation project has once again demonstrated the professional strength and professionalism of Chinese people in the prestress industry overseas. It also takes a solid step for ovim to further explore the international market. (this article is from ovim)

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