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2013 national coating Market Overview and future development analysis

if the experiment needs to be done again in 2013, the national coating Market Overview and future development analysis

December 10, 2013

[China coating information] after years of rapid development, with the macro-control of the "invisible hand", the coating industry finally entered a critical period of development and transformation in 2013

demand determines the market

as far as the paint market is concerned, a box of tofu and a bag can no longer be used to simply summarize the supply and demand relationship between the market and consumers with "buy and sell", and the pattern of the entire decorative building materials industry has already undergone profound changes. The survival of coating enterprises has been challenged in many ways and is becoming increasingly difficult. The past era of high profits and gold everywhere has become history. At present, the current situation of coating terminals is that demand determines the market. Product research and development should fully consider the needs of customers and consumers. All processes can be developed and optimized in the overall environment

when visiting the paint market, we found that the homogenization of products in the current market is serious, and personalized innovative products only appear in a few enterprises. In addition, with the development of the trend of coating integration this year, many coating agents have also launched the slogan "we are not only selling coatings, but also selling coating effects or schemes". In fact, not many dealers can let consumers see the effects they want. ". In this case, diatom mud enterprises took advantage of the situation. According to the current market situation that consumers are particularly fond of the overall effect of the experience hall in recent years, they established the diatom mud Experience Hall, which actively catered to the needs of consumers, and showed customers and consumers the perfect model with the effect close to that of poly amino acids, an important functional high molecule

the effect of channel flattening is obvious

on the whole, the development of the third and fourth grade coating market in China in the past two years is quite rapid, especially in the county-level markets in Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and other provinces. Most of them have standardized building materials markets, with annual sales of nearly 10billion. For example, Jiangxi Nankang international home building materials market, Hunan Shaodong New Oriental market, Lixian Xiangbei home decoration, Hubei Xiantao HengDi international building materials market, etc

foreign funded coating enterprises have already seen the prospects and potential of the third and fourth tier markets, and have paid close attention to the flattening of channels. Domestic enterprises such as Bauhinia and sankeshu have achieved good results in flattening channels and developing county and township markets. The county-level agents also benefited a lot. While driving the growth of sales, they also accumulated rich experience and professional knowledge in environmental protection, marketing strategy, coating characteristics, construction and other aspects of the coating industry. Among these people, Li Fuqing in Yunxi, Hubei Province (acting as an agent for Huilong, caitumei and Dulux, with an annual sales volume of 5million), Jia Zhenwei and his daughter in Neixiang County, Henan Province (operating sankeshu paint, joining in the same city with county, city and township distributors, with an annual sales volume of more than 4 million), Hunan Shaodong Kao paint Shenke, etc. are among them

training marketing mode is welcomed and recognized by dealers

conference marketing, dealer marketing and professional knowledge training are the marketing modes welcomed by most paint dealers this year. All enterprises gather agents at all levels. Through the experience sharing of industry experts, marketing masters and excellent dealers, we have a new understanding and understanding of the knowledge and sales of the coating industry, which helps dealers to have professional answers to customers and consumers in the sales process, so as to enhance the persuasion of brands and products, so as to facilitate transactions

more and more enterprises are working hard in product environmental protection, new product research and development, and terminal management, helping dealers upgrade mom and pop stores and individual stores to companies, business departments, and experience pavilions. In terms of marketing, they have strengthened the knowledge upgrading of shopping guides and salespersons, so as to occupy the market with team operations, so that consumers can have more understanding of product purchase

consumers are becoming more and more rational, and the development of market branding

customers and consumers are becoming more and more rational in the purchase of products. Consumers in first and second tier cities basically buy products after consultation, observation and comparison. The brand they usually choose is the most influential high-end brand with the best quality and environmental protection in the market. In the absence of all beautiful packages (Chinese famous brands, Chinese well-known trademarks, Chinese inspection free products, etc.) today, enterprises and dealers can only provide customers and consumers with a real product with excellent quality, distinctive products and perfect effects to meet the needs of consumers


in today's increasingly incandescent market competition, benign or malignant brand competition, especially the strong entry of foreign brands, makes enterprises wake up to the fact that if they want to have a better development in the market, they must do their best in product characteristics, quality and environmental protection. At the same time, products also need to be more differentiated and specialized in various fields to meet market demand. In this way, Only in this way can products really become well-known brands in the hearts of consumers

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