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The responsibility of overseas Chinese enterprises in front of the epidemic: it is incumbent upon the country of origin when it is needed. Release date: Source: Chinese overseas Chinese Author: Xiaoqiao

since the outbreak of covid-19, every trend of the epidemic has affected the hearts of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese. Overseas Chinese businessmen and overseas Chinese enterprises have stepped forward one after another to give full play to their respective advantages and actively join the "front line of anti epidemic"

on January 26, app (China) of Jinguang group announced that it would donate 100million yuan (the same below) and 350000 yuan of Qingfeng sanitary wipes to fight against the COVID-19, thus becoming the first overseas Chinese funded enterprise to respond to the call of the overseas Chinese Federation of China to donate goods to the epidemic area

"in the long run, the development of enterprises and their investment in society are benign interactions." A few days ago, in an interview, Zhai Jingli, vice president of app (China) of golden light group, said that app (China) as "a leader in China and even the global paper industry, it is incumbent on it to undertake more social responsibilities when the home country needs it."

golden light group was founded in 1962 by Huang Yichong, an Indonesian Chinese, and now has hundreds of legal entities. Among them, Asia Pulp Paper Co., Ltd. (APP) has invested in China since 1992 and has become the world's largest pulp and paper enterprise. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Huang Zhiyuan, chairman and President of Jinguang group, has been paying close attention to it and hopes to make contributions to the fight against the epidemic

"the larger the development scale of an enterprise, the more it should undertake." Zhai Jingli said that thanks to the rapid economic development after China's reform and opening up, app (China) also hopes to give back to the society and help as many people as possible

Zhai Jingli introduced that in order to support the fight against the epidemic in Wuhan, app (China) immediately established an epidemic prevention and control emergency leading group and emergency mechanisms at all levels under the requirements and leadership of Huang Zhiyuan. Among them, timely coordination of donated funds and materials in place is an urgent task for the emergency leading group. 1. Due to the "brittle and hard" characteristics of high tensile strength, high surface hardness and low elongation of steel strands, there is no oil flowing out of the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve. 1.

"due to the current off-season of wet towel production, the inventory of raw materials is small, and at the same time, it is facing the problems of insufficient supply on holidays, employees returning home, etc." Zhai Jingli said that in this regard, the emergency leading group combed all kinds of materials and products under its control at the first time. App (China) golden leaf paper also issued emergency production instructions, dispatched goods from various sources, and formed a "commando team", which was put into production on time on the afternoon of the second day of the lunar new year, and finally delivered the materials to Xiaogan, Hubei Province in time

in fact, this donation is only a microcosm of the public welfare process of app (China) over the past 20 years. As of February 2020, app (China) and Huang Yichong foundation have made a total of 1.1 billion public welfare donations in China, including support for national events such as the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai WorldExpo, as well as post SARS, Wenchuan earthquake and other disaster assistance, as well as educational infrastructure donation, community development and construction, as well as various award and student programs

"Mr. Huang Yichong and his family always have the public interest to repay their ancestral country and society. Mr. Huang Zhiyuan also studied in China in his early years and has deep feelings for China." Zhai Jingli said that this is also the reason why app (China) continues to increase its investment in China, more actively perform social and support Chinese public welfare

at present, the headquarters of app (China) and all business divisions have officially resumed work through the combination of remote office and on-site office. They distribute disinfection supplies such as masks, effervescent tablets and alcohol cotton to on-the-job employees every day. Employees implement the serving of individual dishes and flexible work attendance system, and strive to do a good job in anti epidemic education and psychological care of employees through daily epidemic briefings

"after completing the first batch of donations, we still pay close attention to and study the epidemic situation, and continue to track and master the availability of donated funds and materials." Zhai Jingli said that at present, the company is restoring production capacity in strict accordance with relevant requirements, so as to ensure the needs of the front-line fight against the epidemic as much as possible

"this epidemic is phased and temporary, and will not change the fundamentals of China's long-term economic growth, nor will our established overall investment and development strategy in China change significantly." Zhai Jingli said that this year, the company will continue to give full play to the advantages of countries along the "the Belt and Road" around the keywords of green, high-quality development and innovation, actively help Chinese enterprises go global and build a friendly bridge between China and Indonesia while sharing the dividends of the further opening up of the Chinese market

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