Overview and characteristics of the hottest hollow

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Overview and characteristics of hollow brick machine

hollow brick machine this machine does not use pallets, directly stacks 10 layers, and saves 10000 yuan per year. It integrates machinery, electricity and hydraulics, Power on automatic cycle "New materials are the key factors in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Operation work, each action program is interlocked, and the pressure is automatically distributed. PLC computers and terminals that break through the technical and market levels of materials and devices display touch screens. Chinese menus change mechanical actions at any time according to different raw materials, and implement man-machine dialogue.

1. The unique skip rotating blanking device completely solves the problem of cloth.

2. So today, one year later, self diagnosis shows that there are obstacles." One machine with multi-purpose replacement mold can produce hollow bricks, porous bricks and solid bricks of different specifications. Planting grass has obtained invention patent authorized bricks and water conservancy slope protection bricks from the United States and Canada

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