Overview and analysis of the recent corrugated bas

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Overview and analysis of China's recent corrugated base paper market (I)

looking at the corrugated base paper market in the recent period, generally speaking, the supply of domestic paper has increased, which has a great impact on the price trend of imported base paper, and the number of imported base paper has also increased rapidly. In 2000, China produced 5.5 million tons of corrugated base paper, of which the high-strength part was 1.5 million tons. In 2000, the import volume of corrugated base paper was 1.3068 million tons, an increase of 20.15% over the previous year. This is the fastest growing variety of imported paper products. We should pay attention to the various phenomena in the four stages of the stretching process, and in the future, especially the high-strength part still needs to be imported in large quantities. In terms of price, it has been relatively stable recently without major fluctuations. During this period, the prices of several main varieties of base paper have increased and decreased slightly, but the fluctuation ranges are similar. Compared with the fierce fighting in the white card market, corrugated base paper is calm in the paper industry

however, this pattern does not mean that the prospect of base paper price is clear. In recent years, the supply of domestic paper has increased, and new manufacturers have constantly entered the market to participate in competition. Taking Shenzhen and Hong Kong as examples, the total amount of paper imported from abroad by the main manufacturers of corrugated boxes has decreased by 40%, but in general, these major manufacturers in the corrugated paper industry still play a supporting role in the positioning of domestic paper, In addition to unstable factors in quality, domestic paper also has problems in commercial operation. On the surface, it seems that the price is unstable. In-depth analysis, it mainly lies in the failure to form an orderly market operation

domestic base paper manufacturers are many, small-scale and weak, and they do not have enough confidence in the delivery date of bulk orders, resulting in buyers' lack of confidence in the mainland base paper suppliers in terms of delivery date guarantee, and dare not choose medium and long-term futures procurement. Instead, most of them are spot procurement. Through the above basic principles, the mentality of purchasing with money is naturally strong. On the one hand, in order to stabilize their production and ensure the supply of raw materials, buyers have to spend money to hoard some spot goods that can catch up with and surpass in a short time, which naturally takes up a lot of money and affects the turnover of funds. Therefore, goods are compared with three stores, and the price is also pressed by three points; On the other hand, as the seller, the base paper manufacturer received most of the short-term orders, had no confidence in the forward market or uncertain about the price, and the orders were unstable. For ten and a half days, the products were overstocked, so it was unable to carry them, and the price was reduced and sold off. In an instant, the price fluctuated. This is the current situation between domestic corrugated base paper suppliers and users

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