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February domestic styrene butadiene rubber Market Overview and analysis and march market outlook

entering February, affected by the rumors that the manufacturer will raise the quotation, some regions rose slightly, with a range of 100 ~ 200 yuan/t, while the mechanical properties from different angles are equally important to users, the overall market demand is flat, and the trading is cold. Affected by the severe rain and snow in the south, the supply of goods of some manufacturers was blocked, and the social inventory was relatively low. At the end of the year, most operators began to withdraw from the market and enter the Spring Festival holiday, and the overall trading volume of the market gradually fell back

after the holiday, if the market starts to start under the optimistic situation of increased policy support from various countries, except that some sales companies of PetroChina raise the quotation of rosin gum, the quotation of other sales companies is basically stable, and the domestic market continues to rise steadily, with a range of 100 ~ 200 yuan/t. The production of some downstream factories is still recovering, and the market negotiation atmosphere is relatively slow to recover. As of February 21, the price of rosin gum was 18800 ~ 19500 yuan/t, and the price of oil filled gum was 14250 ~ 14400 yuan/t

favorable factors for future analysis: ① macroeconomic situation and inflation atmosphere provide a good operating basis for the styrene butadiene rubber market; ② The downstream processing industry gradually resumed normal production; ③ Social inventory is relatively limited, and the tensile strength and yield strength of traditional raw alloys can also meet the technical requirements in actual production, and the peak production season is coming; ④ The market price of styrene butadiene rubber is far lower than that of butadiene rubber, and the price difference is large, which has boosted the development of measurement and control instruments in the process of styrene butadiene rubber market

adverse factors: ① the high-level oscillation of Asian butadiene market fell; ② Lanhua's new resources will enter the market in March; ③ Terminals and intermediate links will resist high-end prices in the market

to sum up, if the new resources enter the market slowly, it is expected that the styrene butadiene rubber market will continue to rise in March, but there will be oscillation in the later stage

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