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Overview of carton packaging design

a more important design element in commodity packaging design is the shape of packaging. It is the same with other principles such as architectural design and industrial product design. The box shape design and container shape design of packaging are all determined by their own functions, and are determined according to the nature, shape and weight of the packaged products. It is a more scientific design method to reasonably operate the principle of three-dimensional composition in solving the modeling structure of packaging. Now let's learn about the characteristics and skills of carton packaging design

carton is a three-dimensional shape. In carton packaging design, its blooming process is a process of moving, stacking, folding and surrounding polyhedral bodies composed of several surfaces through appropriate heat treatment process to increase its mechanical properties. The surface in the three-dimensional composition plays the role of dividing space in space, cutting, rotating and folding the surfaces in different parts, and the resulting surfaces have different emotional expressions. The plane is flat, smooth and concise. The surface is soft, gentle and elastic. The curved surface is soft, round, simple and plump, and square, strict and solemn, which we must consider when studying the physical structure of the carton

the research on polyhedron in three-dimensional composition is to find the change law between faces of polyhedron and explore the relationship between the change of faces of polyhedron and the strength of materials. For example, sometimes the four ball machine needs to be improved. In the carton modeling, there are usually three ways: point connection, wire connection and surface connection in the box cover, box body and box bottom structure. Take the bottom of the box as an example: the bottom of the box is the part that bears the most weight, resists pressure, vibrates, falls and other factors. It is more suitable for face-to-face connection. The bottom of the box is firmly sealed and formed by using methods such as mutual bolting and locking of all sides. This structure can pack many types of products, mostly small and medium-sized bottled products

in addition, the six basic geometric forms and their variants in polyhedron are similar to the complex and changeable external forms of commodities in real life. The carton packaging structure should give full play to the molding characteristics of polyhedron and skillfully use body language to express the characteristics of goods and the aesthetic feeling of packaging in terms of the functions and characteristics of goods. At present, many food packages in the market are based on the formation of their outer packaging boxes. It is estimated that the 3D printing market will reach $6billion in 2019. In the definition of Plato or Archimedes, each side is composed of repeated shapes, and each side is composed of different shapes. The more the combined faces are, the closer they are to the sphere. For example, the appearance of a chocolate package in Japan just corresponds to the definition of Plato's sphere. It is made up of eight identical equilateral triangle paperboards, which are folded and inserted into each other to form a regular octahedron. A simple and simple silk rope is used to skillfully connect the eight sides, which plays a solid role. The shape is rigorous, with Japan's unique national style

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