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Environmental impact assessment engineer professional qualification examination simulated multiple-choice questions

1. The law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste is jointly developed by Guangya aluminum and China Academy of space technology around new materials, automatic control and other aspects. The pollution prevention and control objects include ()

a, hazardous waste B, liquid waste C, industrial solid waste D, urban domestic waste

e, gaseous waste placed in containers

2 The environmental elements that are the protected objects of China's environmental protection law include ()

A. atmosphere B. ocean C. mineral deposits D. nature reserves E. cultural relics

3. The main principles that should be followed in the management of environment and resources are ()

A. comprehensive principles B. regional principles C. coordination principles D. predictive principles E. technical principles

4. The scope of application of China's marine environmental protection law includes ()

A. internal water Territorial sea B. contiguous zone C. continental shelf D. exclusive economic zone E. all other sea areas under the jurisdiction of the people's Republic of China

5. The "three principles" of solid waste management stipulated in China's law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste are ()

A. harmless B. reduction C. industrialization D. resource utilization E. recycling

6 At present, China's natural resource fees include ()

A. development and use fees B. sewage treatment fees C. resource compensation fees D. protection and management fees E. punitive charges

7. China's water pollution prevention and control law stipulates that it is prohibited to discharge and dump ()

A. oils B. as for when the balance between supply and demand can be broken C. industrial waste residue D. municipal garbage E. radioactive solid waste

8. The three Simultaneities in the "three Simultaneities" system, It refers to the environmental protection facilities that need to be built in support of the construction project, which must be combined with the main project ()

a, project approval B, design C, application d, construction e, production and use at the same time

9. Without the consent of the relevant competent departments authorized by the State Council, mineral resources must not be mined in the following areas are ()

a, ports, airports, national defense engineering facilities within the delineated areas

b, within a certain distance near important industrial areas, large-scale water conservancy engineering facilities and urban municipal engineering facilities

c, within a certain distance on both sides of Railways and important highways

d, within a certain distance from both sides of important rivers and dams

e. national designated nature reserves, important scenic spots, and immovable historical relics and places of interest under national key protection

f. Other areas that are not allowed to mine mineral resources according to national regulations

10. The provincial people's Government may stipulate items that are not specified in the national standards ()

a, local environmental quality standards B, local pollutant emission standards C, local environmental protection basic standards

d, local environmental protection method standards e, local environmental standard sample standards

11, and the provisions of China's environmental impact assessment law, The applicable objects of environmental impact assessment include ()

A. at the same time, formulate policies B. formulate laws C. formulate plans D. formulate plans E. construction projects

12. According to China's air pollution prevention and control law, what can be designated as the total emission control area of major air pollutants is ()

A. color difference is a common defect in injection molding, In fact, the batch scrapping of injection molding machines due to the color difference of supporting parts is not small. See the area that does not meet the specified atmospheric environmental quality standard. B. acid rain control area


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