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Simple increase of water on the local water shortage of the page

dirty on the page is a common bad phenomenon in printing, which not only affects the quality of the print, but also brings a lot of trouble to the operator. In printing, there are various reasons for the dirtiness of the plate. For example, the effective capacity of domestic H3PO4 iron Li cathode material pressed by the plate water roller will reach 300000 tons/year by 2018. The force is too light, the water rollers are not close properly, the water roller fleece is old, the fountain solution lacks the fountain composition, the printing plate has problems, the rubber roller aging and shrinkage, mechanical or electrical failures, etc., which will lead to the dirtiness of the printing plate to varying degrees. In general, it is not difficult to solve the problem as long as the cause is found out

the symptom of the js2102 double-sided offset press we use is that the water supply in the middle part of the water roller of the reverse version is insufficient, resulting in local water shortage and dirty version. After replacing the 80mm rubber roller and water roller fleece, and replacing the water roller swing frame, it still didn't work after many adjustments, and we couldn't find other reasons for the moment. In order to ensure that the printing task was completed on time, we took an emergency measure, and made a simple and easy water increasing device for hanging bottles. The use proved that the effect was good, which not only didn't affect the print quality, but also suitable for long-term use. The method is very simple, that is, find an empty hanging bottle and syringe from the hospital for hanging needles, fill the bottle with fountain solution, and hang it on the upper part of the machine to ensure the good neighborly friendship between the two countries. Tie the needle tube, remove the needle at the tail of the infusion tube, and then place the layer of the infusion tube at the water shortage place between the water string roller and the water roller next to the fountain roller, with a little distance between them. Add water to the water roller and the plate by drip injection method. The amount of water required can be controlled by the switch of the infusion tube, Until the layout is not dirty. This method is particularly suitable for old equipment

for example, the kind of rubber binding with bicycle inner tubes

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