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Pu Changcheng: simple packaging of small workshop products can avoid long-distance circulation

at 15:00 on November 8, 2007, Pu Changcheng, a member of the leading group for product quality and food safety of the State Council and deputy director of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, received an exclusive interview from the Chinese government to introduce the progress and results of the special rectification of product quality and food safety. [Pu Changcheng] this problem about the packaging of small workshop products is actually related to the limited sales scope explained by me just now that I can even achieve self-healing performance. The products produced by small workshops should meet the standards and be safe under the premise of ensuring environmental conditions, health and safety in the next stage, and not using additives illegally. Generally speaking, they can also ensure safety. However, the purpose of simple packaging is not to enter the circulation field for a long distance. There are more ways to open packaging boxes that are farther away and more convenient for operation and local sales. So simple packaging is to make and sell it now, and eat it on the spot when you buy it from you. It's very simple. Otherwise, it's garish in disguise, which is easy for people to misunderstand as food with production license, and it's not good to circulate out of the limited area

[host] some friends think that the stricter the requirements for food packaging, the better. Why does the state require small workshops to implement simple packaging? He noted that the state has begun to implement a market access system for food related products such as plastic food packaging. Does the state also have similar requirements for other products that are often in contact with food, such as pots and pans

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