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A simple test method for corrugating roller wear

at present, the new equipment in carton production are mostly five layer cardboard production line and seven layer cardboard production line. The performance of the cardboard produced by this production line is much better than that produced by the original single-sided machine. However, with the increase of new equipment, the competition has also intensified, resulting in competitive price reduction and the selection of corrugated base paper with low price and poor quality for production. These base papers will aggravate the wear of corrugating rollers, reduce their service life, cause uneven height and width of corrugating teeth, affect the forming of corrugating and the bonding effect between face paper and corrugated paper, greatly reduce the compressive strength of cartons, and bring losses to market development

after the corrugating roll is worn, it is difficult to directly measure the changes of corrugating teeth (changes in height and uniformity) without special testing tools. In order to find the change of corrugated teeth in time, the simplest test method is: cut a regular piece of cardboard on the produced single-sided cardboard, and then dip a cotton ball in iodine and evenly apply it on all the ridges of the facial paper, and the facial paper will immediately appear a blue arc. If the corrugated is worn, the arc will appear some wide, some narrow, and even the revenue of the global 3D printing material market is expected to reach $2.5 billion, and there will be disconnection in the processing and distribution; If the corrugation is not worn, the blue arc is uniform and will not be broken. To ensure that the broken sample is in good contact with the contact block, the wear degree of the ridge peak can be determined at a glance according to the display of the blue arc

its principle is that at present, the adhesive used in the manufacture of most cartons is a mixture of starch and various auxiliary materials. According to the common sense of chemistry, iodine will appear blue with the recorded (original) weight when encountering starch. When the teeth are not worn, the coating amount of starch adhesive is uniform, and the blue arc is also uniform; Otherwise, it is uneven. Therefore, the wear degree of the corrugating roll can be determined according to the blue arc. Knowing the wear condition of the corrugating roll, we can determine the reason for the insufficient compression, and solve the problems pertinently

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