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Valin Xingma new car promotion conference held in Hengyang was favored by users

Valin Xingma new car promotion conference held in Hengyang was favored by users

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on September 17, the company's Hanma and xingkaima series new year power saving 61.5 million kwh models toured the country to Hengyang, and nearly 400 customers gathered in Linyin Holiday Hotel in Hengyang to participate in the product promotion conference held here to understand the new technology, new process New driving experience

leaders of Hengyang municipal government, economic and Information Technology Commission, and leaders of concrete and residue transportation industry attended the meeting. Liu Hanru, chairman of the group, attended the meeting and made an important speech. Xia Hong, marketing director of the group, delivered a welcome speech. The meeting was presided over by xueyongchang, assistant general manager of the group. Also attending the meeting were Tang gaoguo, vice chairman of Hunan Valin Xingma, Xiao Xiaohua, general manager of Hunan Valin Xingma, and Zhou Xuefeng, executive deputy general manager of Hunan Valin

PENG Zhenlin, deputy director of Hengyang Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said at the meeting, "Since Valin Xingma entered Hengyang, it has developed rapidly. Hunan Valin Xingma has become the backbone enterprise of special vehicle in Hengyang and plays a leading role in accelerating the rise of automobile manufacturing industry in Hengyang. As the competent department of industrial economy in Hengyang, Hengyang economic and Information Technology Commission will strengthen its support for industrial enterprises in the city in terms of preferential policies, project construction and enterprise services from five aspects. First, it will issue a set of special support policies ; Second, set up a special class for enterprise assistance; Third, allocate a number of funds to guide and support enterprises; Fourth, set up a number of institutions to help enterprises solve the financing difficulties; Fifth, carry out a set of activities such as docking with enterprises "

chairman liuhanru pointed out: "Hunan Valin Xingma can develop rapidly and form today's production capacity of special vehicles and heavy trucks, and become an important production base of today's Valin Xingma south market. It is inseparable from the support and help of leaders at all levels of Hengyang municipal Party committee and municipal government, as well as the love of all customers and friends. Today, we have brought the latest research and development achievements to give back to all friends who have always supported the development of Valin Xingma, and are following the market development Based on the trend and the opinions of users, the new models of Hanma and xingkaima series have made technological upgrading and optimization improvements in the aspects of environmental protection, energy conservation, safety, reliability, stability and comfort of vehicles. Our products will bring you higher economic, safety and environmental benefits. The tour began in Shanghai and passed through Fujian and Guangdong provinces. Along the way, users also spoke highly of the tour products, especially hammar power. It can be said that the matching of hammar power has brought the advantages of hammar and xingkaima new models to the extreme, and hammar power has injected a powerful heart into our new models. " Chairman Liu Hanru also stressed: "Many of our customers and friends are enterprise leaders. As leaders, we must keep pace with the development of the times, pay attention to the changes of industrial policies and local policies and regulations, and actively take countermeasures in order to make the enterprise sustainable development. From the perspective of the overall environment, the national environmental protection is gradually upgraded, and the comprehensive promotion and application of the Fourth National Congress is the general trend. Looking at a small scale, all parts of Hunan are comprehensively tackling overload, and the problem of highway safety has been highly valued by the local government Attention. Our enterprises cannot wait to be enforced. We should take the initiative to comply with policy changes, choose the right products and reliable products. Valin Xingma is an enterprise with technology, future and prospects. Under the leadership of the new leadership, we hope to develop and make progress together with our customers. "

the products brought by this tour have been highly recognized by the participating customers, Zhou Feng, assistant general manager of Hengyang Shengtai Logistics Co., Ltd., said: "Our company is very close to Valin Xingma. This project will include the addition of satellite functions in LEGO factories all over the world for many years. In many years of getting along, we are deeply reassured about the quality and after-sales service of Valin Xingma products. We have 45 Valin tractors. Today, the new models of Hanma and xingkaima let us see the unremitting efforts made by Valin Xingma in technological innovation, and also strengthened what I bought determination. We will actively purchase Hanma and xingkaima models and become the first new product user in Hengyang ". Xiaoqigang, chairman of Hengyang Hong'an muck transportation company, said, "our company has been using Valin Xingma products since its establishment. Our drivers highly recognize Valin cars, which perform better than other brands in terms of fuel consumption, comfort and service. In future cooperation, Hanma and xingkaima will certainly bring us new value."

the enthusiasm of customer representatives for new products has stimulated the struggle passion of local dealers. Liu Bin, general manager of Hengyang Valin Xingma Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., said at the meeting: "we will further integrate into the customer base, think about what customers think, understand their real needs, match the best products for customers, provide the best services, and promote Hamma power, Hamma and xingkaima models."

after the symposium with a wide range of products, the customers attending the meeting came to the front of the exhibition to further understand the process and control system of hammar and xingkaima models

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