The hottest value-added services market is heating

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The value-added service market is heating up and the mobile Internet is at war.

at the recently held 10th Annual Conference of China's value-added telecommunications services, Chen Jinqiao, deputy chief engineer of the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that China's telecommunications value-added revenue exceeded 100billion last year and is expected to exceed 200billion in the next five years. Data show that as of May 31 this year, there were 2063 enterprises operating telecommunication value-added services in China

3G builds a huge market for value-added services

by the end of May, the number of 3G users of the three major operators had reached 32 million, 22.09 million and 19.67 million respectively; And both maintain the level that the monthly new 3G users exceed 50% of the monthly new mobile users. According to the data released by the three major operators, the number of 3G users in China has exceeded 70million, and the penetration rate has reached 8.23%

3g users have stable consumption ability and higher loyalty than other users, especially the scale effect of new applications for mobile services, which makes these users become the best customer group for operators to further develop value-added services according to different materials and small and micro markets. Industry insiders predict that once 3G penetration reaches 10% of large-scale applications, the development of mobile Internet and intelligent terminal applications will gain greater development space. This has naturally become the highlight of the three major domestic operators' expansion of mobile Internet business

since the beginning of this year, China Mobile has begun to "Cut Fan" Zhuo Wang system, betting on value-added services. Zhuowang once tried to establish a unified identity authentication system for Internet users. When people entered the Internet community, they registered to form an Internet ID and used various services through China Mobile's "Feixin", 139 email and account

at the same time, Chinatelecom and China Unicom are not willing to be outdone. In May this year, China Unicom signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chinatelecom to jointly explore the mainland mobile value-added service market. Since receiving C, Chinatelecom has continuously strengthened the integration of fixed and mobile services and launched value-added services. At present, Chinatelecom has deployed eight group value-added product bases across the country. Chinatelecom will build a rich 3G Application value-added industrial chain around traffic management on these platforms

in the 3G era, the three major operators have deployed 3G value-added services, and mobile payment, mobile search, LBS, 3G newspapers and other services have sprung up in large numbers. Operators hope to establish competitive advantages through differentiated services

value added services encounter the bottleneck of operation mode

3g means the beginning of a new era of value-added services. Operators are facing multiple pressures to expand the value-added service market. On the one hand, the competition among the three operators in the field of mobile Internet is heating up day by day; On the other hand, Internet providers, terminal manufacturers and other IT giants are eyeing it. In addition, the value-added business itself is also facing regulatory challenges

in fact, when operators enter the mobile Internet, many applications overlap with the business of Internet enterprises, such as music and reading of content, Im of communication and mobile commerce. Chen Zhigang, a telecom expert, said that operators wanted to imitate Internet companies when they saw that they were doing well. Even if the product functions are more and better than those of Internet enterprises, it is not uncommon for users not to buy it

at present, the business model of the whole value-added service value chain needs innovative exploration. After all, the original business model based on traditional Internet cannot adapt to the new characteristics of mobile Internet. Whether operators and terminal operators, or operators and SP and CP, the business model of any node in the value chain needs to be innovated and adjusted, so as to build a harmonious and win-win industrial ecosystem

in the period of transformation from traffic management to traffic management, it is of strategic significance for operators to build a complete platform to challenge the transformation of business types. Operators have unique resources in their hands, such as SMS, MMS, voice and other reliable communication services, user data, context, authentication and so on. If these resources can be effectively integrated to provide a convenient platform for creative realization and value embodiment for the vast number of potential and creative developers, the 3G value-added service industry chain of operators will become a long tail market

changing the number of users into data flow is the key

with the number of domestic 3G users breaking through 70million in May, domestic basic operations and value-added services increased significantly, and both ends began to seek to change converged communication at the same time, and the key to convergence is how to convert the existing number of users into data flow. The trend of computerization is irreversible, and for the value-added services carried out by operators, there are still several problems to be solved in order to turn the number of users into an effective data flow

first of all, we should take advantage of the requirements of the hydraulic universal testing machine for sensors, mobile user resource advantages, and ensure full unimpeded and flexible space access. Generally speaking, the entry of mobile Internet includes operating system platform, browser, input method, Im, etc., which have triggered a fierce battle. From search engine to operating system, Google's success reveals the importance of mobile Internet access to some extent

secondly, it should occupy a favorable position in the industrial chain and fully participate in terminal customization, operating system design, value-added business development and other links. Whether it's iPhone, blackberry, or even iPhone, operators don't want to get drunk when they play mobile terminal. Bundling your own star products is a kind of use, and downloading and sharing clients or software with partners is also a way to make money, but the larger treasure house lies in the mining of personal information data

thirdly, operators also need to build a manageable, controllable and searchable intelligent information pipeline according to the characteristics of mobile networks, and take the opportunity to transform and sail far. The rise of Tencent penguin has become a permanent pain in the hearts of telecom operators. This regret makes "pipeline" the most taboo word for telecom operators in the era of mobile Internet. Today, the operation of intelligent pipelines has become the consensus of operators in the era of mobile Internet

operators should expand the value-added market of mobile Internet. In fact, traffic revenue is not the real profit point of operators in the Internet era. What operators really want to do is not to mention the harm of the measurement and control system to the friction damage test results. What they need to do is not to limit themselves to pipeline operators, but to be the founder of the mobile Internet business model. Communication message

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