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On the afternoon of July 10, at the headquarters building of Anhui Ma'anshan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (Ma'anshan Rural Commercial Bank), Valin Xingma signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ma'anshan rural commercial bank, and Valin Xingma received a credit of 2 billion yuan. Liuhanru, chairman of Valin Xingma, Zheng Zhiqiang, general manager, sun Xiao, chairman of Ma'anshan rural commercial bank, and Jin Hui, President of Ma'anshan rural commercial bank attended the signing ceremony and witnessed this important moment together

Valin Xingma and Ma'anshan Rural Commercial Bank received a credit of 2billion yuan

the agreement stipulates that according to the operation and development strategy of Valin Xingma, Ma'anshan rural commercial bank will provide a total of 2billion yuan of credit to Valin Xingma. At that time, many heavyweight guests will discuss hot topics at the carbon fiber and composite forum, including 500million yuan of group credit and 1.5 billion yuan of upstream and downstream indirect credit; Ma'anshan rural commercial bank will give priority to approving and arranging the financing application of Valin Xingma under the premise of complying with its credit policy in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulatory authorities. At the same time, both parties will establish an information notification system, and Ma'anshan rural commercial bank will provide Party A with data and information on financial trends, economic and financial situation analysis and prediction in a timely manner; Under the premise of confidentiality, Valin Xingma timely provided Ma'anshan rural commercial bank with information on strategic adjustments, industrial policies, major reforms, policies and regulations related to business development. Both parties will also formulate specific lead agencies to be responsible for daily coordination, communication, arrangement, summary, feedback and tracking of relevant matters, so as to implement this cooperation as soon as possible

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Ma'anshan rural commercial bank is the first prefecture level rural commercial bank in China. After its establishment, it adheres to the market positioning of "based on local areas, serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises", firmly grasp the main line of business development, and build a standardized corporate governance structure 4 - residual penetration depth h Introducing and innovating the world's first-class service products in the EPS external insulation market represented by South Korea in Europe, Germany and Asia, comprehensively implementing the talent strategy, speeding up the pace of scientific and technological construction, and building a corporate culture with its own characteristics, have blazed a practical, efficient and rapid development path. It has successively won the honors of "national advanced unit of small enterprise financial services" of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, "national financial product innovation award" of the China Banking Association, and "advanced unit of financial product innovation" of the Anhui provincial government

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this cooperation coincides with the critical period of transformation and upgrading and further expansion and strengthening of both sides, and both sides have high hopes for this cooperation. Liuhanru, chairman of Valin Xingma, first introduced the production and operation situation, future development direction and industry trend of the enterprise. He said that Valin Xingma has made good achievements in market transformation and engine and other core parts assembly, and has great development potential. There are many favorable factors for the cooperation between the two sides, and there have been a lot of business cooperation in some markets, which has a very good cooperation foundation, Both sides can fully open up cooperation and jointly become bigger and stronger. Sun Xiao, chairman of Ma'anshan rural commercial bank, said that Ma'anshan rural commercial bank has developed very well recently, especially in green finance, urban consumer finance and mortgage loan business. Now Ma'anshan rural commercial bank is undergoing reform. This cooperation is of great significance to us and is conducive to turning local banks into national banks. (this article is from Valin Xingma)

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