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Excellent investment window in emerging photovoltaic markets opens

on March 20, at the "second world photovoltaic industry Investment Summit" jointly held by semi and solarzoom, Lu Chuan, vice president of Chint solar, was invited to attend and deliver the keynote speech "power generation business entry strategy in emerging photovoltaic markets". Lu Chuan pointed out that in the field of photovoltaic power station construction at home and abroad, the compound annual decline of system cost reached 32%, and the compound annual decline of electricity price was less than 20%. Excellent investment windows have appeared in the construction of photovoltaic power stations at home and abroad, and emerging market opportunities will appear one after another in the next three years

Chint has made remarkable achievements in photovoltaic downstream power stations. So far, Chint has become the largest private enterprise holding photovoltaic power station projects before applying antirust oil, ranking behind China power investment, China energy conservation and Guodian. More than 300MW domestic projects have been merged and more than 150MW projects are under construction. The total number of foreign power station projects this year is 120mW. The working environment of spring fatigue testing machine and the normal protection of the equipment

Chint has rich experience in developing emerging markets. "The power generation business is essentially a long-term fixed asset investment, and the consideration of investment risk should always come first." Lu Chuan said that taking the risk of construction conditions as an example, factors such as land disputes and cultural relics protection need to be widely used in many industries and confirmed before the project construction to avoid unnecessary trouble. Chint's 24mw thin-film photovoltaic power plant in India was delayed by 1MW because Indians believed in trees as gods and could not be cut down

to sum up, try to choose countries and regions with parity. The electricity price subsidy is borne by consumers. The mechanism is clear. The exchange rate fluctuation of this country is relatively small and has experience in the application of solar power generation. In addition, the local financing insurance should also be relatively easy to obtain. Taking Bulgaria, an Eastern European country, as an example, Lu Chuan introduced the local solar energy policy, risks, business model and the example of Chint's 47.8mw project in Bulgaria. After the keynote speech, Lu Chuan also made interactive exchanges with many audiences

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