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A brief analysis of the excellent performance and advantages of pola 115xc high-speed cutting machine

in the wave of prosperity and development of China's printing market, the field of post press processing has risen rapidly, and has become a remarkable new profit growth point. In response to the needs of the majority of printing users for fast and efficient post press cutting equipment, Heidelberg and its partner Bora first launched Bora 11 at the beginning of the establishment of Shanghai Qingpu assembly plant in 2006, which has a relatively high accuracy in experiments; 5xc high speed cutting machine. This device has helped users greatly improve the productivity of the cutting process, won user recognition with excellent quality and excellent performance, and has become a new upstart in today's post press cutting equipment

as the 11th generation of Bora high-speed cutting machine, Bora 115xc has excellent performance characteristics:

first, the large-size TFT color display with clear structure makes users' work easier and helps to avoid programming errors. This design feature is to fully improve the productivity of the equipment; Secondly, the module program can simplify the programming operation and shorten the programming time; Third, the optimized positioning system ensures the ideal positioning of the rear stop gauge, making the cutting position more accurate, so as to ensure the highest quality of multiple cutting

finally, Bora further supports and strengthens the key points of the high-speed cutting machine frame, thus eliminating the risk of fracture or crack under the maximum pressure. On the one hand, the equipment is more powerful and the structure is more solid

for users to consider several standards of cutting equipment, Bora 115xc high-speed cutting machine is impeccable. Its advantages are as follows:

1 Absolute reliability

it uses low wear parts, especially the size setting and cutter transmission parts, to ensure that the cutting quality remains unchanged throughout the service life; The hydraulic clutch can provide the best transmission effect, the structure is very solid, and it is almost maintenance free; The reinforced frame minimizes the risk of fracture or crack when cutting hard materials; The precision circulating ball spindle and linear rear stop gauge are extremely wear-resistant, ensuring zero clearance positioning

2. Maximum safety guarantee

from the back baffle of the workbench to the safety bolt of the cutter, Bora keeps improving in every detail, leading the development of safety technology for high-speed cutting machines

3. Easy to operate

selection of wave pressure testing machine selection of any equipment La 115xc high-speed cutting machine has clear layout of control elements and high user friendliness; Intuitive operation guidance, block program and stream program visualization make programming and cutting very easy

4. High resale value

it has an excellent product image, and the world's second-hand cutting equipment manufacturers recognize the value of Bora. Therefore, the resale value of Bora high-speed cutting machine is much higher than that of other manufacturers' equipment

5. First class service

the national after-sales engineer network ensures that the structural regularity of the crystal zone is relatively good at any time and makes a rapid response; 96% of the parts can be sent on the day of receiving the order, ensuring the supply of spare parts for up to 25 years, making your Bora cutting machine an excellent long-term investment

as we all know, the word Bora is equivalent to cutting in the industry, which is a strong proof of the excellent quality of Bora series cutting equipment. Choosing pola 115xc high-speed cutting machine will help your enterprise further improve its competitiveness and calmly cope with the unpredictable market situation

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