The hottest Valois offers an elegant micro package

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Valois provides an elegant micro package

Valois torque tester, which is famous for its spray and pump distributor. The resolution of high and low torque tester equipment is an important indicator of instrument performance. Minicream, which is composed of a cylinder with a cover and a pump, promotes the production, development and utilization of elegant micro packages, and t é L é dose, a sample suitable for makeup and personal care A cylinder with a pump. The former can also be used in unit dose or travel product applications. "Some companies will gather three or four minicream universal material testing machines and sell them as a retail package," the relevant person in charge of the company said. "It is used when (formula products) dosage and protection are very important and very useful for decoration. Its closure cap can be laser etched." T é L é dose sample presentation system provides 2 ml polypropylene vials and 2 ml, 4 ml and 5 ml glass bottles. It can also be decorated with silk printing or Valois' sample stick label

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