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Valin Xingma group held the first quarter financial operation analysis meeting

Valin Xingma group held the first quarter financial operation analysis meeting

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a few days ago, the first quarter financial operation analysis meeting of Valin Xingma group was held in the first conference room of the comprehensive office building. The meeting heard the report of the production and operation and budget completion of the group and its branches and subsidiaries in the first quarter, Liuhanru, chairman of the group company, attended the meeting and deployed the work of the second quarter

at the meeting, Liu Hanru first summarized the reform achievements since the first quarter was the most widely used at present, and put forward requirements for the company's next work

he said that from the perspective of internal management, since the first quarter, our marketing and service reforms have been very successful, and the streamlining of administration, decentralization and personnel have been well implemented. A series of reforms have given everyone hope, formed a forced mechanism, and the operation of molecular companies has formed a chess game. At present, the reform has achieved good results, and our production and sales growth doubled year-on-year in the first quarter. From the perspective of product structure, Valin Xingma used to have more engineering vehicles, and then slowly transformed to logistics vehicles to adapt to the development of the market situation. However, from this year's perspective, the opportunity for engineering vehicles has come again. Our enterprises should work together with engineering vehicles and logistics vehicles, so that our competitive advantage will be more clear. Mailbox: n@ obviously, in the second quarter, we still have potential to tap, and we still need to prepare for a rainy day and resolutely "eliminate" loss making molecular companies

Liu Hanru also asked all subsidiary companies to pay close attention to the impact of changes in the domestic and foreign economic situation on the production and operation of enterprises, carefully study and actively respond; We should strengthen the financial management and supervision of enterprises, constantly improve the management level and profitability of enterprises, establish a comprehensive budget management system, and standardize accounting behavior; We should strengthen the audit supervision of regulatory enterprises, strengthen the investigation, and conduct a special audit on the completion of business performance assessment indicators; We should strengthen the application of assessment results, enhance the risk awareness of enterprise managers, and adhere to the close link between the assessment results and the job adjustment or appointment and removal of the operators of the enterprise after the test results; We should strengthen the salary management of enterprise managers and reasonably determine the salary of managers according to the principle of "performance, salary"

finally, Liu Hanru asked the heads of branches and subsidiaries to convey the spirit of the meeting to all employees. We should combine inside and outside, be consistent from top to bottom, and see where the baton is pointing; Work should follow the market, sales and the transformation and upgrading of the whole group. The relevant principals of all branches and subsidiaries unanimously said that they would vigorously strengthen management internally, reduce costs, steadily improve product quality, reduce management and marketing expenses, and do a good job in throttling; Actively develop new markets externally, do a good job in open source work, and promote the continuous development of the company

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