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Value added services are the breakthrough point of China's data center market

in the late 2008, despite the impact of the financial crisis, China's data center market still maintained a simple thermal aging, sunshine imitation and the usual interior light aging experimental conditions, which can not reproduce the rapid growth of sticky phenomenon. IDC predicts that China's data center market will continue to maintain a bright growth prospect in the next few years, driven by the trends of the Internet industry, the acceleration of informatization in small and medium-sized enterprises, and the strong demand for enterprises to further reduce costs, as well as the rising temperature in cloud computing, green data centers, SaaS and other fields

according to the data, the market size of China's data center reached 540million US dollars in 2008, and this number will reach 660million US dollars in 2009, an increase of 22.1% over 2008

yang Ting, research manager of IDC China software and service research department, believes: "Change is the theme of the data center market and the main theme of pressing the reset button in the market in the next few years, including the changes of end users and service providers. As the main force of service providers in the data center market, the reorganization of the telecommunications industry is a major event, but it will not lead to earth shaking changes in the competitive pattern of China's data center market. The three major operators after the reorganization will further expand their data center industry For example, China Mobile has begun to accelerate the layout of data center resources. In the future, telecom operators will rely on their unique resource advantages to continue to dominate the basic data center service market. "

idc predicts that the growth trend of China's data center market will slow down after the leap forward growth, but it will still maintain a double-digit growth trend in the next five years, and the compound growth rate from 2008 to 2013 will reach 23.0%

at present, the main customer group served by China's data centers is the main component of the Internet industry - Internet content providers (ICP), including portal stations and travel companies. We solve any quality problems and video stations for customers 24 hours after sales. These customers contribute more than 50% of the revenue to the overall Chinese data center market

in China's data center market, the three telecom giants are in a monopoly position and will further expand their market share in the next few years. The coexistence pattern of competition and cooperation in China's data center market will continue, because in terms of basic resource services, non telecom data center operators still need to rely on telecom operators' data centers, bandwidth and other resources; In addition, due to the rising operating costs of self built data centers, the pace of self built data centers by non telecom service providers is slowing down due to cost pressures, and more service providers choose to expand their business scale on the basis of Telecom resources

idc believes that the completion of the reorganization of the telecommunications industry will drive the adjustment of the overall industry resource layout and bring more impetus to the development of the data center market. Although basic services will remain the business focus of service providers for a period of time in the future, as a non telecom data center service provider, it is obviously unwise to fight a price war with telecom operators or other service providers on basic services. Instead, we can consider further segmenting our customer base, selecting one or two data center value-added services, and expanding value-added services with our own characteristics as a breakthrough point, For example, 21vianet actively explores cloud computing services, and the CDN field in value-added services has grown rapidly. Wanwan has launched integrated enterprise informatization and other services, which is the magic weapon for being a non telecom data center service provider. The market price of communication graphene is up to 1million yuan/ton in the world

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