Excavator tail curling in the second half of the y

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The "tail lifting" of excavators in the second half of the year has been a high probability event

the statistics of the excavator branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association show that the excavator market demand continued to pick up in July. The excavator sales volume of 23 major excavator manufacturing companies in China participating in the CEMA excavator sales statistics of the association was 5818 in July 2009, an increase of 35% over the same period in 2008, When the maximum oil level of its oil is no more than the lower flat part of the oil measuring needle, the growth rate can rise sharply

since this year, driven by the economic stimulus policy of maintaining a high level of domestic infrastructure investment and real estate investment and maintaining growth, the domestic demand for excavators has remained strong. According to the current situation, the sales of excavators nationwide continued to grow in the first quarter. Although the sales fell in the second quarter, the sales of excavators in June and July increased significantly year-on-year, and the situation in August will be more optimistic

according to the field analysis of model sales liquidation experiment, after long-term development, the proportion of sales of 20-25 ton general-purpose excavators and mining excavators above 30 tons continued to increase, while the sales of small excavators below 10 tons were affected by factors such as the decline of exports, and the market share fell significantly

from the point of view that the sales market is mainly to reduce the output of aging mines, loss mines and unsafe mines, railway construction has become the driving force for the growth of excavator market demand in the first half of this year; Roads, hydropower, urban construction and municipal administration are still the main sales markets of excavators in China; Oil and gas, mining, leasing, export and other markets showed a significant downward trend from January to July this year

it is expected that the excavator "tail cocking" in the second half of the year is a high probability event, and the sales volume in the second half of the year is expected to be flat compared with that in the first half of the year, so the sales volume in 2009 may be close to that in 2008

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