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"Guwang" wheat harvester opens a window for the green development of agricultural machinery industry

Chery heavy industry launched the "Guwang" wheat harvester, which integrates harvesting and straw treatment operations, advocating green development, breaking through the limitations of traditional agricultural production with new energy-saving and environmental protection models, and opening a window for the green development of agricultural machinery industry. Seeing that the haze is getting heavier and heavier, as a responsible enterprise, it will not stand idly by. We launched this agricultural machinery equipment to declare war on smog, so that farmers can harvest blue sky and white clouds while harvesting the fruits of labor with energy conservation and environmental protection. Yesterday, Liu Hongyan, deputy general manager of Chery heavy industry and chairman of Chery heavy industry Henan Co., Ltd., said sonorously about the Guwang wheat harvester, which is newly launched by Chery heavy industry and integrates harvesting and straw processing operations

Liu Hongyan told the author that during the wheat harvest every year, straw burning causes great pollution to the environment. Although the government has made every effort to deal with it, due to the limitations of traditional agricultural production, the symptoms are not the root cause. Therefore, how to make an issue of agricultural machinery manufacturing and control agricultural production from the source has become the key to eliminate straw burning, reduce environmental pollution and effectively control smog. Based on this deep understanding, Chery heavy industry, which advocates green development, overcame difficulties, developed and launched an integrated solution for Guwang wheat harvest and straw treatment, broke through the limitations of traditional agricultural production with new energy-saving and environmental friendly models, and opened a window for the green development of agricultural machinery industry

although Guwang's new energy-saving and environmental protection model has been widely recognized by industry experts, the author notes that many farmers have raised some doubts. These doubts mainly focus on whether Guwang's new energy-saving and environmental protection model can achieve the organic unity of energy conservation, environmental protection and economic benefits. The most important thing for farmers to buy agricultural machinery is cost performance, that is, how much income this agricultural machinery can bring to farmers. Is it worth spending so much money on this agricultural machinery. The chairman of an agricultural machinery cooperative in Weishi County said, you think, the original internal system of agricultural machinery is already very complex, and now we have to add environmental protection elements. It's really worrying about how much effect it can bring

it is true that agricultural machinery enterprises have tried to develop new energy-saving and environmental friendly agricultural machinery in the past, but due to the gap between technology and farmers' wishes, the market promotion was not successful. For farmers' concerns, Chery heavy industry Henan Co., Ltd. technicians used computer CPU as an analogy to tell the author that the traditional straw baler is like a single core CPU, which can only carry out single thread operation, while Guwang energy-saving and environmental protection new model is equivalent to a multi-core CPU, which can carry out straw processing at the same time of machine harvesting operation, and the operation is convenient and efficient, which can fully meet the needs of farmers for machine harvesting and straw processing integrated operation

the technician also calculated such an account for the author: Taking the 800 Mu wheat harvest operation as an example, using Guwang's new energy-saving and environmental protection model, it is conservatively estimated that 200 kg of straw can be baled per mu. If these straws are sold to papermaking and alcohol manufacturers, at the price of 0.6 yuan per kg of straw, it can directly generate an economic income of 96000 yuan, which is equivalent to the price of a Guwang, and the economic benefit is very considerable

it is obvious that Guwang's new energy-saving and environment-friendly models have obvious advantages both in terms of technology and efficiency, and it is inevitable to win market recognition. In this year's summer wheat field, you may see such a scene: a valley King works quickly in the golden wheat waves. Unlike in the past, on the route it has traveled, the straw everywhere during the usual machine harvesting operation is missing. Instead of friendship tips: if there is an unclear place, it is a bundle of neat straw bags

bidding farewell to the post industrial era of extensive development, enterprise competition is no longer limited to production. Next year, we will continue to devote ourselves to expanding product sales to market competition at all levels in the Asia Pacific region. Environmental protection capability has increasingly become the decisive force for the sustainable development of enterprises. In this context, agricultural machinery enterprises seem to be facing a more serious challenge, that is, how to find the right direction and realize the integrated development of agricultural industrialization and new industrialization. And the effect of integrated development. The future development direction of agricultural machinery industry is undoubtedly determined by the overall inspection of PVC and other construction, municipal engineering and home decoration plastic pipes. Without avoiding the problem of falsely high prices or large fluctuations for a long time, it is believed that under the leadership of agricultural machinery enterprises such as Chery heavy industry, which are committed to promoting the green development of the industry, the agricultural machinery industry will usher in a green spring

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