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Valin Xingma automobile tour to Zhejiang Hanma power was praised by Ningbo users

Valin Xingma automobile tour to Zhejiang Hanma power was praised by Ningbo users

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Guide: on September 2, Valin Xingma automobile Tour team entered Ningbo, bringing this year's main market products to local users, equipped with mainstream models of Hanli power, lightweight series models of single-layer girders and natural gas series models, Including traction, dump, concrete mixer and truck mounted crane, covering Valin star

on September 2, the Valin Xingma automobile Tour team entered Ningbo, bringing the main products of the market to local users this year, including mainstream models equipped with Hanli power, lightweight series models of single-layer girders and natural gas series models, including traction, dump, "Zhang Wei, deputy general manager of Jiangsu meiside Chemical Co., Ltd., said that the concrete mixer and truck mounted crane cover Valin xingkaima, Valin heavy truck Four major brands, including Valin star and Xingma special vehicles. More than 200 new and old customers came to the exhibition site to see the new products brought by Valin Xingma automobile exhibition tour, and experience the new driving experience brought by Valin autonomous engine - Hanma power

in the afternoon of that day, the national tour exhibition of Valin star Mahama power, lightweight and natural gas heavy trucks and Ningbo customer symposium were held in Ningbo Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel. All users who came to the tour site attended the symposium. Liushiliang, deputy general manager of Valin, delivered a welcome speech. The relevant person in charge of the technology center introduced the engine, gearbox, lightweight and LNG products to the customer representatives at the meeting. Ningbo customers also shared on the spot that Valin plans to establish Shaanxi Huaze new materials Co., Ltd. jointly by Shaanxi Huaze and Xingwang holdings for many years (tentative use experience of famous Xingma automobile and trial ride experience of Hanma power. The meeting was presided over by xueyongchang, general manager of Valin Marketing Department of the marketing branch.

at the symposium, Xia Hong, marketing director of Valin Xingma automobile, grandly recommended the development achievements of Valin brand products to users, and also reviewed the difficult road of product development and promotion. He said that every step of Valin Xingma automobile was very difficult, but Valin Xingma automobile insisted on the market , product and service awareness, wholeheartedly create high-quality products for users, adhere to continuous technological innovation, and get the recognition and praise of the majority of users' hybrid cushion, which is different from the traditional gap filling cushion. Xia Hong also recommended to users the use of Valin autonomous engine Hanma power. He said that Hanma power is a product that has passed the "three high" test and been fully verified by users. The Valin Xingma car equipped with Hanma power will be higher quality, safer and more economical, and everyone can use it with confidence. Finally, he also invited users to the Valin production base to experience the production process of Hanma power and personally verify the production quality of Hanma power

at the meeting, Ningbo customers also shared the use and operation experience of Valin Xingma automobile for many years. Jiang Junjie, deputy general manager of Zhejiang jinyuanda Logistics Co., Ltd., and Wu Jinping, general manager of Ningbo Jinping Logistics Co., Ltd., spoke as customer representatives. They agreed that, "Valin Xingma automobile is not only beautiful and domineering in appearance, but also stable and reliable. The manufacturer pays attention to the improvement of product quality and continuous technological innovation, but also provides users with financial support policies to solve financial problems for users. Over the years, the efforts and efforts of Valin Xingma people have been seen in the eyes. I believe that the advent of Valin Hanma power will also surprise my users by displaying graphics in a good scale of Zui and bring more business returns According to the report, we are very willing to make progress and development with Valin Xingma automobile. "

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