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Slow down and enjoy life is not only the aspiration of modern people, but also the expression of life by baidibao, one of the top ten Chinese plate brands

the fast-paced, high-speed and information-based life makes us farther and farther away from nature

we have no time to experience the change of seasons, green forests and sunny beaches

we face everything in life nervously every day

slow down and enjoy life is the aspiration of modern people.

it is also the expression of life by baidibao, one of the top ten Chinese plate brands

[baidibao, a Chinese board brand: discover life, design life, enjoy life]

after a busy day at home, I don't want to worry about whether the home is environmentally friendly or not, and I don't want my family's body to be infringed. Healthy and environmentally friendly household products are so important and intimate

as the building material with the largest demand for indoor pavement, when bringing us new home aesthetics, we also need to pay attention to its environmental protection performance to ensure the safety of the whole home decoration. In response to the needs of consumers, baidibao plate has ingeniously developed "net aldehyde grade" plates

baidibao net aldehyde board and E0 paint free ecological board adopt full-time net aldehyde technology, use environmental friendly base materials, and add natural lignin in the processing stage to play the role of full-time net aldehyde to eliminate free formaldehyde. Using German water-based paint, it is healthy and environment-friendly, with higher bottom permeability and clearer texture, which greatly improves the wear-resistant and moisture-proof performance of the plate surface

baidibaojing aldehyde board, quietly enjoy environmentalists and elegant home time

baidibaojing aldehyde board adopts the most stringent international quality inspection standard, and every link of production is closely supervised. The formaldehyde emission is only 0.2mg/l, which is far lower than the 1.5mg/l required by the national standard and the 0.5mg/l specified by the European E0 standard, so you can enjoy a green life

there is a place called home, and we have nearly 1/3 of the time to live with it

we can refuse luxury and abandon luxuriance, but we will never give up health

together with baidibao health board: design life and enjoy life


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know how to love yourself

. create a trendy home for people who love their home

choose baidibao if you want to protect the environment at home

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