Easily do a good job in decoration paint spraying,

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The quality of paint directly affects the final effect of decoration. The air is dry in autumn and winter, and the paint dries quickly, which effectively reduces the adsorption of dust particles in the air. At this time, the paint effect is the best. The indoor humidity and temperature in winter ensure the stability of a large number of boards used in decoration, such as core boards, various plywood and gypsum products after construction

affected by the temperature in winter, the decoration market is relatively depressed, which also brings advantages to our bargaining. We might as well be more active in decoration in autumn and winter

common sense: according to the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, the temperature is high in summer, the humidity is high, and the air circulation is poor, so all kinds of decoration plates, including indoor walls, are in the state of heat expansion. At this time, the density of objects is relatively low. After the temperature drops in autumn and winter, due to natural shrinkage, if the quality of the decoration materials used is not up to standard, it is likely that two months after the decoration in summer, the gap of the plates will become larger, and the wall skin will have fine lines and other sequelae. In autumn and winter decoration, the density of the board is the highest, and it will be stronger after being heated and wet in the next summer

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