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Renderings of combined customized bookcases | Shandong customized furniture | with computers entering thousands of households, computer tables can be said to be furniture that will be considered in furniture decoration now. The combination design of computer desk and bookcase at the corner, even the space of 1 ㎡ in the corner, can create a reasonable and comfortable office or online entertainment space whether in the study, bedroom or living room

small family study design, with customized bookcases placed on the top and pasted on the wall, makes use of the wall space without dead corners. At the same time, the corner computer desk makes perfect use of the wall corners, with simple and personalized shapes, soft and beautiful colors

the design of the corner computer desk makes the space of the desktop wider. The computer is placed in the corner, and documents, stationery and decorations can be placed freely on the left and right sides, so there can be more places to use. The bookcase is designed according to ergonomics, and the storage space of the hanging cabinet is extended according to the height of the user

close to the bay window, make full use of the corner and edge space, and the hanging cabinet will expand the storage layout well. The sun shines in, giving people a feeling of sunshine

the combined design of the corner computer desk and bookcase is beautiful and practical. Customization can help you make full use of every inch of space, freely match the colors you like, and the size is designed for you, which is beautiful, practical and saves space

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