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Intelligent manufacturing has become a new bright spot in the development of "made in Shenyang"

Abstract: "intelligent manufacturing is a new path for enterprises to transform and upgrade and seize the commanding heights of the industry in the future." qudaokui, President of Xinsong company, explained the reason why Shenyang intelligent manufacturing is becoming an upsurge

made in China 2025 puts forward that "intelligent manufacturing" is the main direction of made in China. This is a general strategy put forward from a historical height and facing the future. It has also become the direction of "made in Shenyang". At present, traditional enterprises in Shenyang are deeply integrating informatization, seizing the commanding heights of the industry with emerging strategic industries relying on information technology, and different industries are historically looking for a common goal - intelligent manufacturing, which are highly consistent with the important tasks entrusted to Shenyang enterprises by the national comprehensive reform experiment. A new pattern of manufacturing development in Shenyang is taking shape

on July 6, I walked into Shenyang manufacturing enterprises and felt a different kind of "intelligent manufacturing" -

in the intelligent factory of Shenyang Xinsong robot company, the first robot production line in China, 10 robots are being manufactured, of which more than 1% are oil-based multi power, the first oblique hollow wrist spraying robot used in high-risk industries in China

in Shenyang Machine Tool i5 intelligent machine tool workshop, several i53.5, i5a6.3 and other intelligent machine tools are being assembled, which is the core equipment provided for Shaanxi Ankang Aobang i5 intelligent factory phase II project. Ankang Aobang i5 intelligent industrial transformer order 1 is a combination of extensive plastic granulator. The intelligent plastic granulator factory is the 50th i5 intelligent factory built by Shenyang machine tool in China

in the intelligent electronics workshop of Shenyang Tianyan Zhiyun information technology company, a product for large equipment transportation of power enterprises has been installed to contribute to China's economic, social and environmental development, and will be delivered to users soon. This intelligent terminal product has achieved the first market share in the world due to its intelligence

these three enterprises are the representatives of thousands of manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size in Shenyang. Although they come from different backgrounds and have different scales, they share the same aspiration because they have one thing in common - intelligent manufacturing ushers in a new era of rapid enterprise development. The smart manufacturing campaign, which originated from enterprises and strengthened by the government, has become the current trend of urban development in Shenyang

taking "building a strong city through manufacturing" as its own responsibility, Shenyang has successively launched plans such as the case of Shenyang "made in China 2025" implementers adopting relevant technical facilities, the three-year action plan of Shenyang high-end equipment innovation project, and the three-year action plan of Shenyang green manufacturing project, and comprehensively launched the intelligent upgrading strategy. These strategies cooperate with the 100 intelligent upgrading demonstration projects selected in the automobile, mechanical equipment, electronics, aviation and other industries, and promote the "national robot innovation center" and other projects to promote intelligent manufacturing to become a new highlight of urban development

in Shenyang, manufacturing products with "ideas" has become a common ideal; It has become the common content of enterprise development to spend a lot of money to introduce Internet technology and spare no effort to promote the digitalization of the whole product life cycle. In this big action of intelligent manufacturing, a number of enterprises have taken the lead. At present, the popularization rate of digital R & D and design tools for Enterprises above Designated Size in Shenyang has reached 64%, and the NC rate of key process manufacturing equipment for Enterprises above designated size has reached 52%

"intelligent manufacturing is a new path for enterprises to transform and upgrade and seize the commanding heights of the industry in the future." qudaokui, President of Xinsong company, explained the reason why Shenyang's intelligent manufacturing is becoming an upsurge

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