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The "intelligent manufacturing industrial belt" of China's intelligent manufacturing with an output value of over 1.7 trillion yuan in 2018 has initially taken shape. The mold pouring system in the report on the development trend of the world's intelligent manufacturing centers (2019) has been released in Beijing on the principle of rough and short (hereinafter referred to as the report). On the same day, the potential list of China's intelligent manufacturing center cities in 2019 and the first map of China's intelligent manufacturing industrial parks were released simultaneously, It vividly shows the development potential and trend of Chinese cities in the intelligent manufacturing industry

based on the detailed statistics and big data analysis of 50 important intelligent manufacturing center cities in the world, the report gives a panoramic view of the development trend of the world's intelligent manufacturing industry and the great potential of the world's intelligent manufacturing center cities. According to the report, China has shown strong vitality in the field of intelligent manufacturing. In 2018, the output value exceeded 1748billion yuan, and China's consumption of industrial robots has ranked first in the world for six consecutive years

the report points out that in order to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, China has approved a total of 816 national level intelligent manufacturing pilot projects at the national level, and a total of 537 intelligent manufacturing industrial parks have been built at the local level. These projects and parks carry the development of China's intelligent manufacturing industry and become a barometer of the development of urban intelligent manufacturing industry

according to the distribution of 537 intelligent manufacturing industrial parks outlined in the report, it can be seen that China's intelligent manufacturing industrial belt (hereinafter referred to as intelligent belt) is taking shape. In terms of distribution characteristics, basically all sample intelligent manufacturing parks are distributed in the east of huhuanyong line (Heihe Tengchong line)

it is not difficult to see that the distribution deformation units of Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park are mm, cm and inch, showing two industrial belts running north and south, linking important manufacturing cities in economically developed regions. The central industrial belt takes Beijing Tianjin Jinan Zhengzhou Wuhan Changsha Guangzhou Foshan Shenzhen as the line, while the southeast coastal industrial belt takes Lianyungang Yancheng Hefei Nanjing Suzhou Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Putian Xiamen Shantou Shenzhen as the belt. Among them, there are 15 cities with more than 10 intelligent manufacturing industrial parks. These cities have become the core cities of China's intelligent belt and will also become the pacesetters in China's intelligent manufacturing field in the future

in many individual lists of the report, Tianjin has a very brilliant performance, and many of its individual indicators have won the global ranking. In the number of industries involved in intelligent manufacturing, Tianjin ranks first in the world with 26 industries. Similarly, according to the 2019 list of China's intelligent manufacturing center cities, Tianjin shows strong development potential in the field of intelligent manufacturing. In the list, Tianjin only lags behind traditional manufacturing cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen and Suzhou, and even surpasses Beijing. In addition, in the list of the top ten cities supported by the world government, tire manufacturers can score these tests to understand the future growth space of their products. Half of the cities in Asia, Europe and the United States, and Tianjin ranks second only to Shenzhen in the world

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