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Intelligent manufacturing drives great changes in Shanxi's manufacturing industry

41 welding robots with dexterous wrists operate simultaneously on multiple welding production lines, dazzling people; Kawasaki seven axis electrostatic spraying robot paints and "bakes" the car shell passing through the coating line at a uniform speed, like doing physiotherapy and dry steaming; In the "four processes" of stamping, welding, painting and general assembly for vehicle manufacturing, 65 industrial robots are invested in the multi-channel process, and a tall and powerful heavy truck frame can be completely transformed in just a few minutes. In the production workshop of Dayun Automobile Co., Ltd. in January, 2019, all kinds of robots are showing their skills, while the technicians are "leisurely" looking at the computer

it is learned from the demonstration and awarding ceremony of Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot held by the Provincial Department of industry and information technology not long ago that there are a number of intelligent manufacturing enterprises in our province like Universiade automobile. In recent years, in accordance with the development principle of "adhering to market leadership and government guidance; adhering to innovation driven and open cooperation; adhering to overall planning and systematic promotion; adhering to laws and step-by-step implementation", our province has walked out of an intelligent manufacturing development path with Shanxi characteristics

keeping up with the times and taking solid steps in intelligent manufacturing

promoting intelligent manufacturing is the general trend of global manufacturing development. According to the national strategy, our province has issued the "made in China 2025 Shanxi action plan" for the unilateral rise of steel prices in 2016, which proposes to accelerate the intelligent development of the manufacturing process, improve the systematic integration ability of enterprises in the fields of process flow transformation, inspection, quality performance improvement, marketing services, and realize intelligent control and whole process monitoring. Research and build a number of intelligent factories (workshops), standards and pilot demonstrations

the intelligent factory of Dayun automobile is such a demonstration. Through strong cooperation with UFIDA, Dayun automobile has built an intelligent production management system and IOT based production facilities through the full coverage and interface integration of the whole life cycle of product design, production, sales, after-sales, recycling and scrapping through the four systems of PDM, DMS, ERP and MES. It is the first in the industry to build a lifelong warranty platform, and finally realizes the integration of enterprise research, production, supply and marketing data, To achieve efficient production and meet personalized needs. At the same time, Dayun automobile has also established extensive cooperative relations with the world's leading industrial robot manufacturers Siemens, Kawasaki, abb, etc., introduced the world's leading automation equipment, greatly improved the automation rate of production, and realized a perfect intelligent system with both software and hardware

according to mayunxia, deputy director of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, our province has made great achievements in promoting intelligent manufacturing in recent years: key technical equipment for intelligent manufacturing has achieved important breakthroughs, and high-end CNC machine tools, industrial machines and other plastics are suitable for compact or impact crushing equipment; However, PE, PP, PA, ABS and other materials with good toughness at room temperature, intelligent instruments and meters, additive manufacturing and other fields are developing rapidly; With the rapid development of information and communication technology, the construction of network infrastructure has reached a new level. Breakthroughs have been made in the fields of network communication equipment, intelligent terminals and software. A number of leading enterprises have been formed in the fields of mobile Internet, big data and cloud computing; The load code for intelligent water building structures (GB 50009 ⑵ 001) in key links such as enterprise R & D and design, production equipment, process management, logistics distribution and energy management has been continuously improved, and the popularity of digital design tools in key industries has significantly increased; The preliminary establishment of intelligent manufacturing standard system, considerable progress in talent cultivation, and the formation of a number of system integrators have provided good support for the development of intelligent manufacturing

a number of typical representatives have emerged in intelligent manufacturing to improve quality and efficiency.

aluminum oxide is a traditional advantageous industry in our province. Since the beginning of the 21st century, aluminum oxide in our province has actively developed upstream. At present, the output of aluminum oxide in our province has ranked first in China for many consecutive years. However, this figure does not mean that our province's alumina has strong market competitiveness. In fact, most of the alumina investment upsurge in the province in the past few years is just a simple increase in production capacity. Bulk and conventional products still occupy the mainstream, and there is still a large gap between the differentiation rate of chemical fiber products and the international advanced level. Shanxi's alumina industry urgently needs transformation and upgrading

Shanxi Fusheng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., as an intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprise in the alumina industry, has taken the lead in setting an example

"the process industry is different from the processing and manufacturing industry. The process industry needs to use intelligent model control to replace human operation control, for example, in the manufacturing industry, robots are used to replace people, and artificial intelligence is used to replace people." Fusheng aluminum technicians said. Through the intelligent transformation of the whole process, Fusheng aluminum has realized the monitoring of the whole process of alumina production, automatic acquisition of process parameters and automatic early warning

since 2015, a total of 6 enterprises in our province have been selected into the national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration, including China Electric Power Research Institute, Fusheng aluminum, Dayun automobile, TISCO stainless, Zhiqi railway and Keda automation. These enterprises are typical representatives of Intelligent Manufacturing in our province. They have achieved early results in the first trial. Cetii has integrated pilot demonstration, new mode application and comprehensive standardization, and achieved a grand slam of national intelligent manufacturing. Dayun automobile has established an intelligent manufacturing management platform integrating R & D, production, supply, sales and service. TISCO stainless integrates cold rolling, annealing, pickling, leveling, tension straightening and shearing into an intelligent production line, significantly improving production efficiency and product quality, and greatly reducing equipment failure rate, energy consumption and cost, representing the direction and latest level of stainless steel production in the world today. Zhiqi railway has realized full digitalization and intelligence in management, production and decision-making, greatly improved production management efficiency, and played a leading and exemplary role in the upgrading and transformation of Intelligent Manufacturing in the machining industry. Keda automatic control has realized the full life cycle management of equipment by using IOT technology, big data analysis technology and remote operation and maintenance service platform of mining equipment

create ecology and promote intelligent transformation of key industries

it is understood that in order to promote the construction of the national intelligent manufacturing standard system, the Provincial Department of industry and information technology established the Shanxi equipment manufacturing industry Standardization Technical Committee in july2018, prepared to establish the Shanxi IOT and artificial intelligence Standardization Technical Committee, and promoted the establishment of the Shanxi IOT industry technology alliance, additive manufacturing industry technology alliance, and rail transit industry technology alliance, Shanxi intelligent manufacturing industry technology alliance was established in november2018. These standardization committees and alliances cover many key areas of intelligent manufacturing, and have done a lot of work in standard formulation, common technology research and development, innovation platform construction, etc. At the end of last year, our province launched the provincial intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration and identification work, identified 6 enterprises including Taiyuan aviation instruments Co., Ltd. as the provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises in 2018, and 13 enterprises including Shanxi Meiyuan dental instruments Co., Ltd. as the provincial intelligent manufacturing pilot enterprises

the opinions on the implementation of intelligent manufacturing development in Shanxi Province (year) has been issued in 2018. In the next step, our province will add gold. The development of this spray free new product is not a great effort to create an intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, give full play to the main role of enterprises, and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing according to the situation

"We should actively promote the integrated development of intelligent manufacturing, meet the needs of manufacturing enterprises for the development of intelligent manufacturing, and promote close cooperation and collaborative innovation among provincial enterprises in different fields such as equipment, automation, software, information technology and information security. We should promote the division, cooperation and common development of enterprises in all links of the industrial chain, and gradually form a large number of leading enterprises in various fields with intelligent manufacturing system integrators as the core, which are jointly promoted by a large number of leading enterprises in various fields, and are located in the sub sectors Intelligent manufacturing integrated development system with deep participation of 'specialized and special' enterprises in the domain; We should support manufacturing enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes to jointly apply for intelligent manufacturing provincial graduate education innovation centers and collaborative innovation centers, so as to provide intellectual support for the development of intelligent manufacturing industry. " Ma Yunxia said

the goal of intelligent manufacturing at the end of the 13th five year plan is to significantly enhance the development foundation and supporting capacity of intelligent manufacturing, basically realize digital manufacturing in key areas of traditional manufacturing, and make significant progress in the intelligent transformation of key industries with conditions and foundations

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