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With the rapid development of modern communication technology, computer network technology and fieldbus control technology, digitalization, networking and informatization are increasingly integrated into people's lives. The concept of intelligence has gradually penetrated into all walks of life and all aspects of our lives

the advent of intelligent manufacturing machinery technology and equipment has led the public to think about the advantages, disadvantages and future of traditional industrial production. With the popularization of intelligent manufacturing technology and the gradual recognition and utilization of intelligent equipment in social production, it has been widely recognized that intelligent mechanical equipment is superior to traditional industrial production and will inevitably replace a wide range of traditional industrial production in the future

after decades of hard work, China has achieved a historic leap forward development in the manufacturing industry. The gross output value of the manufacturing industry has ranked first in the world. Digitalization, intelligence and interconnection will be the product development direction of the manufacturing industry. No matter from the overall trend of the international manufacturing industry, or from the actual demand of the transformation from manufacturing to service industry, there is a huge space for the development of China's manufacturing industry towards intelligence

automation technology application becomes the key

in recent years, China's manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation focusing on achieving a total output value of 10billion yuan by 2025. Enterprise production is changing to global procurement and production. Manufacturing plants are also constantly raising their requirements for quality, cost, efficiency and safety. It can be predicted that these changes will promote the development and application of automation technology into a new development stage

China's food machinery and equipment has seen that some domestic manufacturing enterprises have begun to introduce a large number of automatic production equipment and technologies, which has sent a message to the industry: the concept of intelligent production is awakening and has entered the rising channel. Among them, the introduction of a large number of automatic robots has promoted the development of intelligence and the industry, and played an original and exemplary role, which has also greatly promoted the development of China's robot industry

in terms of the development of industrial robots, it began in the United States in the 1960s, but at that time, due to the lack of application market in the United States, the development of its robot industry has been at a slow level. At that time, because Japan lost a large number of young workers in the war during the Second World War and its industrial foundation was relatively good, Japan began to buy American robots and imitate them. By the 1970s, Japan had become the country with the largest demand for robots in the world. Soon, Japan's robot industry surpassed that of the United States. This history tells us that independent innovation must rely on the application market, which is the driving force of industrial development. It can be seen that the key to the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry is to open the application market of intelligent manufacturing

China has a long way to go in the process of intellectualization recently.

intellectualization is the future development direction of manufacturing automation, but these technologies are not new creatures, and their large-scale applications in the manufacturing industry have become increasingly apparent. The intelligent manufacturing factory requires a clear understanding of the production and marketing process, improving the controllability of the production process, reducing manual intervention in the production line, timely and correct collection of production line data, more reasonable production planning and production progress, including product development, design, outsourcing, production and delivery. Each stage of production and manufacturing needs to achieve a high degree of automation and intelligence, And the high integration of information in each stage is an inevitable trend

there are several factors that determine the degree of intelligence and automation of a country: first, it is the product of the development of national industry to a certain stage. If it is necessary to produce high-end equipment with high requirements, or it cannot be completed manually under high temperature, high corrosion and other harsh environments, it needs robot workers to complete it; Second, when the artificial energy efficiency is too low, the unit energy efficiency of people is ten to twenty times worse than that, so it is necessary to use robots or automated equipment to produce; Third, the rapid increase in labor costs is also an important factor. Automation equipment and the company have ushered in a new external environment for intelligent manufacturing along the direction pointed out by gehonglin, which is a driving force for intelligent manufacturing

the intelligent process of China's manufacturing industry has a long way to go. With the rapid development and growth of the world economy, intelligent manufacturing plants will not only bring an impact to all industrial upgrading, but also lead the advancement and innovation of the global manufacturing development model. It is an inevitable choice for the industrial upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

compared with the previous two years, China's machinery industry is getting rid of the haze in recent years and gradually embarking on the fast track of high-end and intelligent development, which also provides power support for the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry. The development and progress of information technology has led China's manufacturing industry to move towards intelligence. The emergence of intelligent manufacturing has created conditions for the future equipment manufacturing industry to achieve overall production automation

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