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Jiao Xianghui of Yimei lighting: focus on healthy lighting and implement the 4+2 strategy of lamp quality

more than a decade ago, most people would not have thought that lighting and health would be related. After more than a decade of development, the LED lighting industry has risen from the pursuit of light efficiency, energy saving and cost to the demand for light quality, light health, light biosafety and light environment. Especially in recent years, the problems of blue light damage, human rhythm disorder and human visual film damage caused by LED have become increasingly apparent, which makes the industry realize that the popularization of healthy lighting is urgent

as a result, many lighting enterprises began to lay out the concept of healthy lighting in this new air outlet layout, and launched high-quality healthy lighting lamps to seize the market opportunity

as an enterprise focusing on health lighting, Yimei lighting, with the accumulation of more than 10 years in the overseas market, will make efforts in the domestic market in 2019 to further layout the global lighting market. Recently, Mr. jiaoxianghui, chairman of Yimei lighting, received an exclusive interview with the media, and deeply elaborated on the concept of healthy lighting, the layout and development strategic planning of Yimei in the domestic market

Mr. jiaoxianghui, chairman of Yimei lighting

: it is understood that Yimei lighting has been developing foreign markets before, and enjoys high popularity and reputation overseas. Why will it enter the domestic market this year? What is your opinion on the development of LED lighting market in China

Jiao Jing wall energy saving, Xiang Hui: in 2004, Yimei was established in Shanghai and has been focusing on the LED lighting market for 15 years. At the beginning of its establishment, the company briefly entered the Chinese market, but at that time, the domestic market's understanding of LED lighting was still in the early stage of immaturity. Domestic consumers' demand for high-quality LED lamps was low, and the market competition was relatively disordered. On balance, Yimei shifted its strategic objectives to Western Europe, the United States, Australia and other developed countries with an increase in D. situation experiments (bump temperature experiments). With more than ten years of hard work, Yimei has won high popularity and reputation in foreign markets with its professional and dedicated spirit and market positioning of high quality and medium price

nowadays, China's national strength is increasing, the income of urban residents is increasing, and consumption upgrading is the general trend. With the pursuit of high-quality life, people have increasingly strong expectations for high-quality lighting products. After more than ten years of precipitation in the overseas market, Yimei believes that it is time to introduce our high-quality LED lighting products to our domestic consumers to meet the increasing domestic consumption demand for high-quality LED lighting products

at present, China's LED lighting market is in the stage of transformation and upgrading. The healthy lighting, especially household lighting, is a major trend. Many consumers have realized the importance of a good lamp for themselves and their families

: in 2019, Yimei lighting will strengthen brand promotion in China to further win market share. What is your understanding of brand? How will Yimei brand further cultivate the domestic market in the future

Jiao Xianghui: over the past decade, the main business model of Yimei is ODM, which has achieved remarkable results in designing and labeling for foreign professional customers. But Yimei has always had a brand dream. We believe that brand is the best competitiveness, and a good brand has infinite vitality! In order to realize this brand dream, we have been working hard! At the end of 2018, we believe that the time has come to build a brand. On the one hand, Yimei's professionalism and enterprise strength have accumulated to a certain extent. On the other hand, we believe that the successful building of the brand can better establish the corporate image, so as to promote Yimei's high-quality products to more consumers. As for deep cultivation in the domestic market, we firmly believe that only high-quality product brands have long-term vitality. Health protection, long life, safety and reliability are the core connotation of Yimei brand. We still regard high quality and medium price as an important position in the domestic market, and we adhere to the perfection of every product

Yimei lighting industrial park

: in recent years, callers have become a hot topic in the LED lighting industry, and Yimei lighting has officially entered tmall and launched a full range of home lighting products. What specific measures does your company have in e-commerce layout planning? In terms of channel layout, what is the strategy

Jiao Xianghui: in terms of channel layout, we adopt the strategy of both online and offline. At present, we have entered tmall platform, and we will enter more e-commerce platforms in the future; In addition, we have also reached cooperation with the leading domestic Internet home decoration platform, comprehensively laid out offline home decoration channels, and reached in-depth cooperation with thousands of domestic decoration enterprises; At the same time, our brand promotion is also fully launched in the domestic market. We hope that domestic consumers can more easily understand and buy Yimei products in a short time

: it is understood that Yimei has been focusing on health lighting. In your opinion, digital impact testing machine adopts high-precision encoder technology. What kind of lamps can be called health lamps? Why does your company vigorously advocate the concept of healthy lighting in the domestic market

Jiao Xianghui: the concept of "healthy lamps" is based on people's pursuit of healthy life and the promotion of consumption upgrading. More and more people begin to pay attention to health topics in life, such as environment, diet, sleep, etc., and gradually go deep into the connection between lighting and health. They begin to realize that unhealthy lamps will damage the body, vision and brain through low color rendering index, stroboscopic, glare and blue light. Yimei has never stopped its research and development of health lamps. We firmly believe that a health lamp must have high color rendering, no video flash, anti glare, and no blue light hazards, so as to protect our brain and eyes to the greatest extent. This is an important quality concept of Yimei. Yimei hopes to create a healthy lighting environment for more Chinese consumers

Yimei focuses on health lighting

: although major lighting enterprises compete for layout, the quality of health lighting products is uneven and the market is chaotic. What do you think of this phenomenon? In such a market environment, how will Yimei lighting go out of a differentiated path

Jiao Xianghui: the concept of health is the guide of market development, and many lighting enterprises have implanted the concept of health. Some enterprises publicize that some of their products are highly visible or can't be flashed, and some enterprises say that a series of their products have reached certain health factors. But in Yimei's view, we should do it in all directions! We try our best to ensure that every lamp sold by Yimei brand to the Chinese market implements the lamp quality 4+2 strategy, that is, the four major health protection measures plus two can ensure the reliability because the impact energy is only absorbed by the deformed volume near the sample gap, which is unique in China! High color rendering, no video flash, anti glare and no blue light hazard are Yimei's in-depth interpretation of the four health protection measures. The long-life design and high safety design have fulfilled the two reliability guarantees. Yimei has also thought deeply about whether it is necessary to be accurate to every lamp. The answer is yes, because the imperfection of every health index will cause varying degrees of damage to the human body. Even if the cost of products is increased to achieve these health indicators, Yimei is also happy. We firmly believe that: do not forget the original intention, consistently adhere to each lamp to meet the health protection standards, and will eventually be recognized by consumers

Yimei Sydney series LED downlights

: what is the overall revenue of Yimei lighting in 2018? How do you view the development of LED lighting market in the second half of this year? What is the development direction and expected goal of your company in the future

Jiao Xianghui: in 2018, the audited financial statements of Yimei showed that its revenue was about 350million yuan, an increase of more than 20% year-on-year. We know that in, the growth of the International LED lighting market slowed down, and many small and medium-sized enterprises lived a hard life. There were competition and operation problems, as well as product problems, which were inseparable from the impact of the international trade environment. During this period, Yimei insisted on accurate market positioning, high-quality products and high-quality services, and achieved good market growth. In the next few years, the LED lighting market will be more competitive, and the survival of the fittest is an inevitable trend. Yimei is still in the development stage. In the face of the increasingly competitive LED lighting market, Yimei needs to work harder to go in the long run. In the future, Yimei will follow a two-tier strategy. First, it will continue to label ODM for foreign professional customers, maintain good quality, service and product cost performance, and strive to reach a higher level in three years; Second, carry out brand building in China and focus on healthy lighting. We hope that within 3 to 5 years, Yimei will gradually become a leader in the domestic lighting market from a health lighting professional


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