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On April 27, Yilian held a 2020 new product launch, announcing a new generation of audio and video integrated communication solution, ume, and a third generation of video terminal meetingeye series products Ume breaks down enterprise communication barriers, realizes the integration of communication methods, software and hardware, and business systems, and provides users with a unified, convenient, and efficient new communication mode Meetingeye series products are equipped with 20million pixel Ultra HD camera and built-in AI intelligent function to bring high-quality audio and video experience

(Lin Xiaosheng, head of Greater China business, introduced ume)

nowadays, the ability of enterprises to work remotely has become one of the indicators to measure the level of enterprise digital transformation. For business owners, making the organizational structure and management mode of enterprises adapt to the rhythm of remote office. Considering the low accuracy of voltage in the computer, it can not only greatly improve the risk tolerance of enterprises, but also enable enterprises to better realize digital transformation and global expansion without geographical restrictions

in the face of an endless stream of work tasks, in order to improve the operation efficiency of enterprises, various communication and collaboration tools have become the standard configuration of enterprise digital transformation. However, various independent tools form an information island, which leads to omissions and faults in the flow of information; Switching between different communication devices, such as,, computers, cannot meet the needs of users to communicate anytime and anywhere, resulting in poor experience and low efficiency; In addition, the operation and maintenance management of multi class communication systems and the subsequent security problems also add a lot of extra burden to enterprise IT personnel

in its report, Gartner, an internationally renowned research and consulting organization, predicted several major elements of enterprise communication in the future: including basic communication applications such as voice and video communication, unified terminal experience, workflow collaboration and other elements that pay attention to internal collaboration within the enterprise, as well as the operational and maintenance capabilities of the platform. It can be found from the report that the trend of communication application towards integration is the general trend

(several elements of enterprise communication)

in order to stand out in the fierce competition, the enterprise digitalization process also needs to be one step faster. On April 27, Yilian held the 2020 online new product launch, officially launching a new generation of audio and video integrated communication solution ume, which directly hit the pain point of enterprise communication, integrates communication methods, software and hardware terminals, and business systems, and provides a highly connected and highly collaborative audio and video integrated communication solution for government and enterprise customers

a platform connects information islands with diverse communication and fusion communication methods

enterprise communication systems are constantly updated and upgraded, but most of them are built independently, and each system is separated from each other to form an information island, which will create a dilemma of resisting fatigue damage, causing too many employee systems to be useless, unable to find people in an emergency, and asymmetric information transmission. What enterprises need is to let different users, with different devices, break up in different environments, and conduct rapid and efficient communication on a unified communication platform. What Yilian ume needs to do is to integrate enterprise communication methods and connect the communication platform of information island

(integration of multiple communication methods)

Yilian ume realizes three communication abilities of voice, video and instant messaging with one number, and also integrates common communication methods such as meeting schedule, SMS and email. As long as employees remember an account and log in to ume, they can intelligently enjoy the whole scene communication inside and outside the enterprise

now convene a meeting through ume, and the meeting notice will be pushed to all kinds of devices of each participant. Participants can freely choose terminals, computer software terminals, voice, video conference equipment, page entry and other forms to join the meeting according to the actual situation. There is no connection barrier between communication systems

flexible and flexible communication experience, combined with software and hardware terminals that are not constrained by devices

software and hardware synergy is another advantage of Yilian ume. There are many limitations in the single communication mode within the enterprise. Using hardware communication equipment, although good audio and video effects can be obtained, it is limited by the scope of use, which is not convenient for employees on business trips or distributed teams; Although it is simple and convenient to use software to call, due to the personal hardware level and network conditions of employees, there may be delays and jams, and it may also bring the risk of data leakage to the enterprise. In the view of Yilian, only an enterprise communication platform combining software and hardware can ensure the efficiency and stability of audio and video communication

(multi terminal interconnection of software and hardware)

therefore, if customers need process adjustment or encounter process difficulties, Yilian ume integrates IP phones, video terminals, USB devices and other hardware, connects software terminals and hardware devices, and meets the communication needs of users in various scenarios. The user can pick up the incoming call from the telephone on the remote office through the computer or, and can also remotely control the hardware terminal to complete various operations; Through the call reversal function, a meeting can be smoothly switched between app, desktop phone and computer terminal

employees can flexibly choose to use hardware or software to initiate communication according to current conditions and needs, and flexibly switch between the two. Collaboration bid farewell to the limitations of space and equipment, bringing a borderless experience to communication

open and compatible with the original equipment, put into the integrated business system, and create a safe office space

for enterprises, the deployment and application of a set of communication system not only need to consider the compatibility between the new system and the original system, but also the operation and maintenance management and security issues

first of all, ume perfectly inherits the widely compatible product gene of Yilian, and has strong open integration ability Ume can effectively connect with the existing mainstream third-party audio and video terminals, seamlessly connect with video platforms such as Microsoft teams, Tencent conference, zoom, and connect with voice communication platforms such as 3CX, Avaya, Cisco, etc., so as to protect the existing investment of enterprises from being wasted

(integrate enterprise internal business systems)

secondly, ume provides a standardized access method, which can integrate various third-party business systems, such as common OA and disk systems, to form a unified office portal for enterprises. Users can log in and open any internal business system on ume, so that one application can be in hand and access multiple systems without switching back and forth, so as to realize one screen connection

medium and large enterprises need a more professional, stable and secure integrated communication platform The ume system adopts a privatized deployment architecture, and the data ownership only belongs to the customer and is stored locally. Enterprise administrators can manage and control data through various rights management of information, and ensure that data access is recorded and traceable through watermark marking and other means

(ensuring enterprise information security)

for enterprises, ume unifies the internal business system, reduces security protection risks, protects existing investments from being wasted, and naturally greatly reduces the cost of operation and maintenance management

the third-generation video terminal meetingeye 20million pixel lens AI tracking function

in addition to Yilian ume, the conference, Yilian third-generation video terminal meetingeye series products officially appeared, including meetingeye 800, meetingeye 600, meetingeye 400 three video terminal products, covering the video needs of large, medium and small conference rooms of enterprises

(caidunxiong, product director, introduced meetingeye Series)

meetingeye series terminals have achieved a significant upgrade in audio technology and support six meter full duplex high-quality pickup. The camera performance has also been comprehensively improved. The whole series of products are equipped with 20million pixel cameras. The auxiliary flow and portrait pictures during the conference support dual 4K, giving users an immersive visual sensory experience Meetingeye series terminals are innovatively equipped with a number of AI technologies such as face detection, sound source location, voice tracking, etc., eliminating the need to manually adjust the camera operation during the meeting. The system automatically frames all participants and tracks the location of speakers, making the meeting experience more focused

(meetingeye video terminal use effect)

in addition, Mr. panzhiyong, director of the information management center of the China Academy of information and communications, was also remotely connected at the press conference site to share the internal practice of the ume China Academy of information and communications for online audiences. The ICT Institute deployed a full set of IP phones and video conference terminals of Yilian, held more than 120 audio and video conferences through ume every day, and integrated the original collaborative office, e-mail, knowledge management and other applications through ume to realize one screen intelligent work

contact the new generation of audio and video integrated communication solution ume, which integrates the internal communication mode of the enterprise, breaks through the limitation of software and hardware connection, integrates various business systems, makes the communication truly integrated and unified, creates value for the enterprise, and enables the digital transformation of the enterprise

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