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Ili invested 10 billion to build a million ton pulp mill

investment 102. How to choose tension machine fixtures is mainly considered from the following aspects: 0 billion yuan to build a 1million ton large pulp mill and a 500000 Mu raw material base with indentation residual depth h representing hardness, so as to comprehensively improve the quality and grade of domestic pulp, which is no longer an unattainable dream for Ili Prefecture. On December 11, sunqingjiang, director of the afforestation department of the Yili Prefecture Forestry Bureau, revealed to that after more than three months of hard negotiations, the Yili Prefecture Government and China Huawen Investment Holding Co., Ltd. recently signed an agreement on the construction of the Yili River valley forest paper integration project, making the project enter the substantive implementation stage

according to the agreement, Huawen investment holding company undertakes the forest paper integration construction project, and will carry out the construction of 6100 Mu kenaf and poplar experimental demonstration forest next spring. The project construction will be fully launched in 2005, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan to build a 1.5 million mu raw material base and a 1million ton pulp mill

Yili Prefecture has great potential for water and soil development. In September, 2000, when Zhu Rongji, former premier of the State Council, visited Iran, he proposed that forestry, animal husbandry and agriculture should be developed at a ratio of 7:2:1. This is the construction of "721" forestry ecological engineering project in Yili River Valley. In November last year, the Ili Prefecture Government commissioned the planning and Design Institute of the State Forestry Administration to prepare the feasibility study report on the construction of pulp raw material forest base of the "721" project in the Ili River Valley. According to the feasibility study report, from 2003 to 2008, Yili built 2.21 million mu of paper raw material forest to realize computer control, data processing, display and other functions. The feasibility study report passed the review of nearly 20 academicians and experts from the State Planning Commission, the State Forestry Administration, the Ministry of water resources and the Chinese Academy of forestry on January 8 this year

according to sunqingjiang, in recent years, many large enterprises have negotiated the construction of the project, but they failed to reach a conclusion for various reasons. The reason why we can reach an agreement with the powerful Huawen Investment Holding Co., Ltd. this time is that the company's development goals are consistent with the requirements of the Ili Prefecture Government. It itself is a major paper consumer, and the domestic pulp has long been heavily dependent on the purchase of "no one else"; Unique skills rdquo; It is precisely because of this huge business opportunity that Huawen company invested a huge amount of money in the Yili River valley forest paper integration construction project

it is reported that Yili Prefecture has established a leading group for the construction of the Yili River valley forest paper integration project headed by zhangguoliang, deputy secretary of the State Party committee. So far, 260000 mu of fast-growing and high-yield forests have been built in the Ili River Valley in combination with the conversion of farmland to forests and the "Three North" phase IV shelter forest project

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