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Yili's new PET bottle makes milk drinks healthier

the superior material life makes Chinese citizens start to pursue a high-quality lifestyle, and people pay more attention to health and environmental protection. Natural and healthy beverages are also more favored by consumers, and to succeed in this kind of beverage market, innovation is indispensable; Focusing on the future, PET packaging will play an important role

Yili Group is the largest dairy enterprise in China and one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. Its products include liquid milk, yogurt, ice cream, milk powder and all kinds of dairy products. Yili's new series of lactic acid bacteria drinks target consumers with enhanced purchasing power and health awareness, which is particularly consistent with the consumption habits of the new generation of Chinese young people. They have a fast pace of life and busy work, but they have higher requirements for the convenience and design of drinks

technical support from Sidel's team

last year, the liquid milk business of Yili Group planned to contact Sidel successively in other Asian countries, Europe and North America to discuss the new Changyi 100% lactic acid bacteria drink 1 Cement pressure experiment machine material design PET packaging bottle

the packaging team of Sidel China worked together with the French headquarters and put forward the preliminary design scheme in only two weeks. XieHua, the design and development manager of Sidel packaging, said, "our packaging experts have put forward a variety of creative schemes and designed a variety of concept bottles along different design directions, so that the electronic control system of the customer's high-frequency fatigue test-bed has sufficient choice space, so that the new Lactobacillus products can stand out from the competition."

the market department of Yili analyzed various design schemes and confirmed the four shortlisted designs. In the subsequent cooperation, the Sidel design team made fine adjustments according to the trial situation of consumers. For example, the shape of the bottle bottom has been adjusted to distinguish it from the traditional petal bottom in the market. In addition, by improving the hardness of the bottle bottom, it can not only ensure the unique appearance design, but also meet the performance requirements

Xie Hua said, "we make full use of our global professional experience and knowledge in the field of packaging design and production, evaluate the performance of packaging bottles through a number of tests, and finally find the best solution. This project is a real result of teamwork. We have successfully created a new packaging that meets customers' technical requirements and takes into account design aesthetics."

in just three months, Sidel completed the bottle design and made new molds for Yili's two production lines dedicated to the production of new lactic acid bacteria. 4. Temperature limitation: according to the international standard

professional to ensure the success of the product

through the efforts of Sidel design team, the project exceeded customer expectations and achieved a complete success. The newly designed products were officially put into production, and the first batch of bottled lactic acid bacteria were offline. Yili's person in charge of the project said, "we are very satisfied with both the final result and the cooperation with Sidel in the design stage. Their design, technical expertise and professional methods have played an important role in ensuring the success of the products". The project has consolidated the cooperative relationship between Yili and Sidel, and is also the cornerstone of the cooperation between Sidel and China's dairy industry

in March 2016, Yili has launched a new bottled Changyi 100% lactic acid bacteria beverage for the entire Chinese market. From the perspective of market reaction, Yili's new products have achieved good success in terms of new packaging shape and highlighting brand value, and are quite popular in the Chinese market

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