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Yimi Yuntong: intelligent voice has become a "sharp weapon" to promote the transformation of bank credit business.

banks' preference for large households has become a thing of the past.

many people say that banks prefer large households, which is a long-standing reality. But if you still agree with this view, you may not know much about today's economic development. These 550000 ton aluminum based new material phase II projects of Chalco Shanxi Xinghua technology company are under construction, and small and medium-sized enterprises have developed rapidly, which has become an important source and engine to promote economic growth, promote employment growth, and stimulate innovation vitality. In addition, in recent years, the profit space of banks to become large enterprise customers has also become increasingly narrow. It can be understood that the sinking of banks' choice of financial services is also to tap more market demand

in fact, in the intelligent financial industry, the pace of the transformation of banks and outsourcing businesses to intelligent call centers/voice robots has suddenly accelerated. After AI is enabled, the human efficiency density is also very low, which has been greatly improved. In the past, banks used to rely on offline customer managers to do financial and credit business. A customer manager might have to serve more than 80 credit enterprises at the same time. He was so tired every day that he didn't say it, and the final transaction rate was not ideal. At the same time, there are two major problems that need to be solved before traditional banks are immature and transformed into smart banks. One is the increasing high operating costs, and the other is the standardization and unification of customer experience. This is also the reason why traditional banks choose to upgrade their financial service system through intelligent voice technology

intelligent voice has become a powerful tool to promote the transformation of bank credit business.

as a professional intelligent voice platform service provider that independently develops Ai Ai +saas+ mobile Internet cutting-edge technology - Yimi Yuntong, as an intelligent voice robot provider for provincial branches of many large banks, and as an intelligent voice robot supplier for the headquarters of cosmic bank, Yimi Yuntong uses high-quality dual track voice, speech recognition and speech synthesis technology Practice forged nlp/knowledge map and powerful robot trainer services to ensure that after traditional banks are transformed into smart banks, they can seamlessly integrate human-machine interface (deformation time) 6 kinds of curves and relevant experimental data in the application scenario of smart finance

Mihua intelligent voice robot undertakes the credit business of bank enterprise customers

in view of the huge business volume of SME credit enterprise services faced by banks, the Mihua intelligent voice robot independently developed by Yimi Yuntong can not only reduce high operating costs and improve work efficiency, but also help banks establish a standardized service system for credit enterprise services

the smart financial application scenarios of Mihua intelligent voice robot in banks mainly include intelligent re purchase/increase purchase and intelligent reminder

take the intelligent re purchase/add purchase as an example. In the multi round dialogue and response with customers, the meter phone intelligent voice robot can actively guide the re purchase/add purchase process, automatically label and group the intended customers, and if you encounter any difficult problems during the call, you can directly transfer them to the customer manager without interruption for follow-up, and the robot dialogue process of real-time transcription will automatically pop up on the PC screen of the customer service personnel

in this way, while significantly reducing labor costs, it can also intelligently target accurate customers, so that the account manager can focus on key customers and difficult customers, and there is no sense of conflict in the whole call process. The final sales results will be automatically generated immediately after the call, and the list of intended customers will also be updated. Such marketing effect and daily order volume can not be achieved by the account manager alone in the past

Mihua intelligent voice robot makes the post loan service more accurate and better. China's wood and plastic packaging industry has been actively seeking new prospects, quality and efficiency

for the provision of post loan services, on the one hand, Mihua intelligent voice robot can also independently complete the collection related work with high similarity of scripts, such as capital verification business, loss of contact verification, first touch and so on, according to the customer information provided by the bank. On the other hand, Mihua intelligent voice robot can effectively and reasonably urge corporate customers who fail to repay the overdue payment, and can even flexibly deal with the complex problems of customers

for example, an outbound call strategy is set for a group of enterprise customers to reach for the first time. The content of the outbound call used by the meter phone intelligent voice robot is mainly to notify repayment

the purpose is to remind the bank enterprise customers of the accurate situation of overdue arrears, so as to prevent the bank enterprise customers from continuing to be overdue when they are unknown or forget to repay. At the same time, it can also play a low-intensity collection role when notifying repayment. Of course, if you encounter any difficult problems during the conversation, you can also choose to follow up manually. The final collection result will be automatically generated immediately after the end of the call, and the collection list will be updated at a glance for easy management

four levels of security protection to ensure the safety of bank data

in October this year, the Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued the notice on regulating the cooperative business and Internet insurance business between banks and fintech companies, which clearly mentioned that banks must strengthen the management of cooperative institutions and strictly prohibit cooperation with enterprises that steal, abuse, illegally trade or disclose customer information in the name of big data. As a national high-tech enterprise, Yimi Yuntong, a professional intelligent voice service provider that handles enterprise call volume of up to 5 + billion minutes a year, knows the importance of enterprise data security, especially bank data security issues. The intelligent voice platform built provides four levels of protection, including data security, data integrity, interface security and system security, which can not only strengthen the protection of bank data security and provide a sustainable cloud communication resource foundation for banks, The high-level knowledge map that has been tested in practice can also bring a stable and consistent high satisfaction experience to the bank

there is no doubt that the digital credit service for small and medium-sized enterprises is a blue ocean. Under the guidance and support of science and technology, banks will have more power and ability to do a good job in this financial business. It is believed that the rich theoretical and practical experience accumulated by Yimi Yuntong in the smart transformation of banks over the years, as well as the technical strength of customizing intelligent voice solutions for many large banks, will become a sharp weapon for the transformation of bank credit business

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