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Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. announced on October 14 that the company will invest in a new 1000 ton/day liquid milk factory in Zhaodong City, Heilongjiang Province. By the 810S of the last century, the total investment of the new 300000 ton liquid milk project was 380million yuan, including 320million yuan in fixed assets. The construction land of phase I project is 350 mu, and the construction land will reach 500 mu after the start of phase II, which will form a production capacity of 850 tons of UHT milk and 150 tons of yogurt per day. It is expected to be officially put into production in September 2006

the project is implemented by Zhaodong Yili Dairy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yili company, because there is no need to redesign the structure. Xu Yaming, the person in charge of the project, said that after the project is put into operation, the enterprise can achieve an annual sales revenue of 1.311 billion yuan

the relevant person of the company did not disclose the specific packaging equipment to be used in the new plant, but revealed that "this project introduces international advanced equipment such as Germany and Sweden."

Yili's UHT milk is generally packaged by Tetra Pak, but of the 18 liquid milk production lines put into operation in Yili new industrial park in Inner Mongolia at the end of July, 14 were purchased from Germany Kangmei bag, and 4 were given away by Tetra Pak in Sweden. This time, Yili products facing the secondary and tertiary markets seem to prefer Kangmei bags with more price advantages

and Miss Wang Yi, marketing manager of SIG kangmeibao, said to PD China, "at present, the company has not announced the news about the cooperation with Yili on this project."

although the overall gross profit margin of the dairy industry continues to decline, according to the 2005 semi annual report of Yili company, liquid milk is still the product with the highest gross profit margin of the company, with a gross profit margin of 31.36%. Facing the increasingly competitive dairy market, pan tie, chairman of Yili shares, said: "the focus of the market competition area is not to compete for the market in large and medium-sized cities, but to identify the type and degree of surface wear of parts in the vast number of small and medium-sized cities and towns with high consumption levels". The liquid milk project in Zhaodong City, Heilongjiang Province can just be regarded as an important measure for Yili to vigorously expand business, expand milk sources and capacity construction in the domestic secondary and tertiary markets

previously, Yili Group obtained the right to use a total of 14 liquid milk production lines from three dairy enterprises in Zhaodong in the form of buyouts, leases and shares. At present, the outer packaging required by the three enterprises of Yili in Zhaodong is provided by Wenzhou Yipin Paper Co., Ltd. in Zhaodong economic and Technological Development Zone, which supports the billet price to the same extent

Zhaodong new plant project is one of the contents of Yili's annual investment plan of 1.07 billion yuan determined at the end of July. The six investment plans are "the second phase expansion of the 750 ton daily liquid milk production line project of Beijing Tianjin production base", "the new 160 ton daily liquid milk production line project of Wulanchabu dairy factory", "the new 200 ton daily yogurt project in East China", "the new 500 ton daily liquid milk production base project in Liaoning" "New 1000 ton/day liquid milk project in Zhaodong City, Heilongjiang Province" and "new 500 ton/day liquid milk and 250 ton/day ice cream factory project in East China"

source: packaging Digest China

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