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Yilian: see how cloud video conferencing rewrites the new market pattern

with the rapid development of cloud computing technology, cloud video conferencing also came into being. Since its birth, this new remote communication mode has quickly become popular with its advantages of upgrading communication experience and reducing conference costs. What is cloud video conferencing? How to choose cloud video conferencing products

wind and water rise: cloud video conference rewrites the new pattern of video

today, with the rapid development of Internet technology, data processing in the cloud is already a common thing. The conference room, which is frequently used in daily work, has also ushered in the innovation and upgrading of cloud computing, and cloud video conferencing came into being. This technology adopts the mode of multi server cluster and distributed deployment, and users can realize cross regional and multi-party video communication only through the existing interconnection

according to frost Sullivan, the authoritative organization, the global cloud computing market has reached $100 billion in 2017, with a compound annual growth rate of 25.5%, and the market scale continues to expand. Cloud video conferencing has also developed rapidly. The proportion of cloud video applications in global video conferencing has increased year by year. 50% of enterprises in the world have the need to deploy cloud video. Cloud video conferencing has promoted the further development of remote video, and has become another option for enterprise remote communication, requiring uniform and slow loading

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cloud video conference is developed based on cloud computing technology, which is different from traditional video conference. It has the characteristics of efficient communication, convenient use, simple expansion and convenient data transmission. Users only need to rely on the Internet to carry out simple and easy-to-use operations, and can achieve efficient global voice, data files and video transmission

in addition, unlike traditional video conferencing, cloud video conferencing also has its own unique advantages in helping enterprises control costs. If we use housing as an analogy to build a video conference system, the traditional way is like that users need to buy land and build houses by themselves. Such a way to build high-rise buildings on the ground will also have higher costs and required conditions. With cloud video conferencing, users don't need to buy land and build houses. They just need to rent rooms that have been built on the cloud according to their own needs and use them directly. Compared with the traditional video conference system, cloud video conference will save at least three building costs, such as MCU configuration, special construction, and operation and maintenance personnel. As long as it is connected to the Internet, it can carry out efficient video communication in the cloud

because of the unique advantages of these cloud video conferencing, it is gradually becoming a remote video communication solution respected by enterprise users

select carefully: how to select good cloud video conferencing products

facing the numerous cloud video conferencing products on the market, how to select reliable products is perplexing the majority of users. In fact, the advantages and disadvantages of cloud video products can be judged from the aspects of video call quality, video stability and system compatibility

first of all, we need to consider the call quality of remote video. This is the most critical factor for the success of a video conference. The clarity and stability of video images and sounds directly determine whether the conference content can be effectively delivered

secondly, we should judge the stability of cloud video conferencing products. Observe whether it can effectively resist the negative interference caused by the instability of the network environment in an unprofessional environment during the meeting; Whether it can still ensure high-quality video calls under the network conditions of cross regional and cross network operators

third, it is also necessary to judge whether cloud video products have good system compatibility. Compatibility is embodied in whether it can be stable and compatible with mainstream video conferencing products on the market, including foreign network environment and equipment, so as to provide assistance for the communication between upstream and downstream enterprises and the long-term development of the company

Blockbuster: Yilian cloud video invites you to experience extreme video

good cloud video conferencing products must come from companies with leading technologies. With 16 years of experience in the audio and video field, yilianzhuanzhu has mastered the underlying technology in the audio and video field, and has a number of core patents. It is a leading unified communication solution provider in the world. Yilian is about to launch a new cloud video product to bring users the ultimate video experience of cloud + end

high quality: cloud + terminal Ultimate Video

Yilian cloud video combines high-quality Yilian video terminal with convenient and efficient cloud platform. The dual material service of cloud + terminal allows users to enjoy high-quality remote video experience

ultra stable: cross region, cross country, cross operator

Yilian cloud video has set up an all-in-one computer room, which effectively ensures the stability of cross network environment video, and has deployed a new generation of cloud distributed MCU architecture around the world, laying a solid foundation for users to realize cross region and cross-border video

wide compatibility: advanced architecture, open interconnection

Yilian cloud video will adopt standard H.323 and sip dual protocols, which can be stably compatible with other video conference devices, and support multi server clusters and distributed deployment

about Yilian

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billion contact (Stock Code: 300628), founded in 2001, is the world's leading provider of unified communication solutions, mainly engaged in video conferencing and voice communication solutions, adheres to independent research and development innovation, and is committed to making communication simpler and more efficient. Yilian provides high-quality network communication products such as audio, video and collaboration in more than 100 countries around the world to help users improve office efficiency and competitiveness. The market share of Yilian SIP Phone is the first in China and the second in the world

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