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Yimi Yuntong: Haofeng sent me to Qingyun with the help of its strength

with the transformation of the real estate market from investment and rigid demand to improving living conditions and improving the quality of life, both buyers who require diversification of houses and real estate enterprises who coordinate with national policies need to pay more attention to deal with this simplified and increasingly complex market. Not to mention the foam and virtual heat -- there is no lack of bad mouthing in any lively market, except for several large plastic enterprise groups with younger facilities. In terms of the current situation alone, the real estate market is still full of opportunities and development space, and it is still a golden age. From central enterprises to private enterprises, anyone with some ability wants to bite this sweet and hard cake

the waves wash away the sand and the smoke of gunpowder is still in the current situation of real estate brokerage

after nearly a decade of development and evolution, the rules of the real estate market have tended to be fixed. Facing all kinds of customers who are more and more cautious, real estate enterprises try their best to seize the market. No matter how perfect the plan is, it must rely on front-line real estate brokers to realize it. However, when the way of publicity keeps pace with the times, and even the advertising language has changed from a comfortable home to a place far away from the noise, most of the means of communication still remain in the crowd tactics. In the face of customers who mainly upgrade their consumption, enterprises need more time to contact, maintain and track in order to provide better services to win attention. Simple sales can no longer meet the summary and feedback of information, and a large number of labor is undoubtedly a barrier to cost and efficiency

the traditional real estate sales model has been facing difficulties in customer development, advanced design and manufacturing methods such as customer follow-up, and sales management. High human costs, low work efficiency, and ineffective supervision and inspection have become the pain points of enterprise management. Staff call a lot every day, unable to quickly and accurately record customer needs and timely change the latest communication results, resulting in the loss of many customer resources. However, based on the traditional log report, it is laborious and laborious, and the sales managers often know the progress of the customer contact of their subordinate sales later. In addition, the loss of customer data caused by employee resignation and job hopping, the lax service supervision of the telemarketing team, the disputes caused by force majeure such as policies and regulations in the sales process, and the untimely installation of project changes are all the shackles that restrict the progress of the enterprise, and they are also the problems that need to be solved urgently

Yimi Yuntong cloud sales helps real estate agents in the era of consumption upgrading

with the help of the east wind of national layout interconnection +, cloud technology has fully launched automatic diagnosis in all walks of life: the system has automatic diagnosis function. Relying on the industry-leading cloud communication technology, aiming at the problems faced by the sales part of the real estate industry, Yimi Yuntong defines the enterprise voice network from the original software, and provides enterprises with the telemarketing services of cloud switchboard, call center and intelligent voice platform that can be opened at any time without equipment and wiring, so that the office building is easy and fast. At the same time, circuit level call quality is used to ensure the stability of the line. Through clue filtering, automatic outbound call and other functions, it provides users with solutions such as customer resource management and sales process control, and is committed to helping real estate quickly issue orders through the 2015 rubber and plastic and innovative materials utilization seminar, so as to improve performance

app+ the double edge of e-miyuntongyun electric sales in the enterprise background

salespersons automatically call out in batches in sequence through the app client, quickly filter different types of customers, and record the status of clues, so as to facilitate understanding the follow-up status. Today, with the audience's complex attitude towards sales, enterprises limit the frequency of calls to customers in a day from the port, prevent vicious harassment, and maintain the corporate image

the enterprise background management system can assign clues to agents by itself, and automatically remove duplicate numbers when importing to prevent sales from hitting orders. Based on the actual needs, the calls are labeled by category, which is convenient for marking and classifying the call results. At the same time, it can truly show the business situation by recording the seat details in detail, making the sales process more intuitive. In addition, the recording function in the background of the system can better understand the communication technology of the seat ditch, which is convenient for later assistance to improve sales skills and improve service quality

app and background system work together to level the long and short board of management and strengthen the foundation for enterprise development

today, Yimi Yuntong cloud e-sales has been brilliant in many industries, such as Internet, finance and insurance, express logistics, education and training, real estate agency, etc., with more than 700000 enterprise users, and has in-depth cooperation with many industry giants, including 58 city, Ping An insurance, baidu takeout, New Oriental, Lianjia real estate, etc. It is believed that the strength of Yimi Yuntong can help enterprises improve their competitive soft power, so as to create a new way of value management

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