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Yijun glass introduced robots at sky high prices

with the introduction of the emergency braking industry 4.0 plan in China, the concepts of intelligent equipment and intelligent manufacturing are becoming more and more popular. Recently, Yijun Glass Co., Ltd., located in Jingzhou Development Zone, invested 120million yuan to upgrade the old No. 1 production line to improve work efficiency, and took the lead in introducing four industrial robots, setting an example for the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises in Jingzhou

in front of Yijun glass production line 1, we can see that robots mainly carry out the grabbing and stacking of glass plates. Using one robot for each post can reduce 9 workers, and 4 robots can save 36 people

as the installation was just completed last week, the staff from the robot manufacturer are carrying out the final commissioning and training the workers of Yijun company

according to Wang Liang, an electrical engineer of Jiangsu Jinming Industrial Robot Automation Co., Ltd., first of all, in terms of production efficiency, robots move glass for 12 seconds/piece, while the manual operation time is very long. The second is to reduce potential safety hazards. In addition, robots can work for 24 hours. From this point of view, robots have great advantages

according to Wang Liang, Jiangsu Jinming company, where he works, is a company specializing in routine testing, with 15 overall sizes of industrial automation design samples; And robot design and manufacturing enterprises, due to the accelerated development trend of industrial intelligence, coupled with the made in China 2025 and the concept of industry 4.0, the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry has entered a blowout period of rapid development. In recent years, their orders have basically shown a double-digit growth rate

according to the relevant person in charge of Yijun company, the introduction of robots is only one aspect of their company's transformation and upgrading and taking the lead in implementing industry 4.0. From December last year to May this year, Yijun company invested a total of 120million yuan. It took half a year to improve the old No. 1 production line, not only the whole production process, but also major adjustments have been made to its main products

Zhao Bin, director of the Administration Department of Jingzhou Yijun Glass Co., Ltd., said that it used to produce colorless glass, but now it is colored glass. What I saw just now is the new emerald green, and later there will be grey glass, ocean blue and so on

products are the core of enterprises, and all technological transformation should be finally implemented on products. Zhao Bin said that automated production can help enterprises reduce labor costs and save costs, and technological innovation can ensure the sustainable competitiveness of enterprises, but only the upgrading of products can bring immediate profits

Zhao Bin said that on the one hand, the added value of the product has been increased, and the profit is expected to increase by 20%-30%. On the other hand, more varieties can be developed. With the recovery of real estate, customers have more choices

Zhao Bin said that although the scientific and technological content of the glass industry is not high, the degree of automatic production of Yijun company has always been in the forefront of the industry. In order to encourage employees to carry out technological innovation, they will spend hundreds of thousands of yuan every year to reward employees for minor changes. At the same time, the annual fixed investment in technological research and development has also reached twoorthree million. In the next step, the enterprise will continue to increase the degree of automation of production and invest more of the saved employees in technological innovation, quality control and new product research and development

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