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Yilun call center outsourcing deepens customer CEM experience management

traditional call center outsourcing enterprises, aiming at the outsourcing needs of the employer, mostly focus on improving the process or improving efficiency. As a result, the experience and feelings of the called customers are ignored. As a result, the mechanical efficiency of BPO outsourcing process may be very high, but it does not help to improve customer satisfaction and the compliance of telemarketing business

the author saw such words on the recent Weibo and felt deeply that Starbucks does not sell coffee, but leisure. Ferrari does not sell sports cars, but noble ones. Rolex doesn't sell watches, it sells identities. McKinsey sells not data, but authority. (quoted from Sina Weibo)

what is the core competitiveness of outsourcing enterprises? For Yilun company, the feelings of the called customers, for the call center outsourcing industry, are equivalent to Starbucks' leisure, Ferrari's dignity, Rolex's identity, and McKinsey's authority, which can be summed up in two words: experience

based on the customer experience theory, Yilun company has independently innovated and summarized a set of infocem customer safety methodology, which runs through the overall operation and management system of service and marketing. Its core idea is: adhere to the unquantifiable customer experience and impression gb700-2006 (carbon structural steel), Through continuous data division, work efficiency is analyzed and quantified into experience points, and then through continuous knowledge accumulation, operational decisions are made, and finally through customer segmentation, one-to-one experience services are provided in customer service

using the terminal peak theory, infocem frames customer experience points into four dimensions:

1 Company experience: the first impression and brand influence of the outsourcing business to the customer's thinking experience

2. Product experience: combined with the perceived experience expected by customers, the delivery experience from meeting needs to exceeding needs

3. It is also recognized by the majority of customers and widely used contact experience: the convenience and value brought by the behavioral experience of networking and integrated contact channels

4. Service experience: emotional experience of establishing long-term trust relationship, quantitative satisfaction standard and confidence index

Yilun company has put infocem's four-dimensional theory into practice as 20 quantifiable experience points and introduced it into the field of call center outsourcing, making the tangible products and needs of the sender seamlessly integrate with the intangible marketing and services of the receiver, creating a precedent in the field of call center outsourcing

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