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Yilian invested tens of millions to build its own laboratory and create the ultimate boutique

recently, Yilian officially moved into the new R & D building, and all Yilian people are happy to have a more spacious and bright modern office environment. The electromagnetic compatibility laboratory and audio laboratory in Yilian R & D building and other professional laboratories with a value of tens of millions are about to be completed and put into use, which makes the partners in the R & D center have more expectations and expectations, which means that their work will be strengthened, and Yilian's R & D strength will also step to a new level

if independent research and development is carried out on aluminum alloy cable connection, it will be even better

double happiness will come, and good things will happen again and again! Soon after Yilian moved into its new home, it will usher in another great event. Yilian's self built professional testing laboratory is about to be completed and put into use

since the start of the Yilian R & D building in 2014, Rb ⑵ has been overturned and erected, and Yilian has planned the construction of the industry's top professional laboratory. In the first phase of the laboratory to be put into use this time, Yilian has invested tens of millions of dollars to build a variety of world-class professional laboratories, including electromagnetic compatibility laboratories and audio laboratories

Yilian is a technology-oriented company. In the eyes of the outside world, Yilian's performance in both the internal culture of the enterprise and the public opinion of the external media can be called low-key and calm. In fact, in the 16 years of development, Yilian has always adhered to independent research and development and mastered core technologies, and has developed into one of the few domestic R & D enterprises that can compete with foreign counterparts in the field of unified communications. The laboratory to be launched this time will further enhance the core R & D strength of Yilian

Lin Xiaosheng, director of Yilian hardware, talked about the professional laboratory

international quality testing first

all kinds of electronic products we daily contact will receive electromagnetic signals from the outside, which may interfere with their normal use and even cause quality problems, which requires electronic products to have a certain standard of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Electromagnetic compatibility laboratory is used to test the electromagnetic compatibility performance of electronic products, which is one of the most important indicators of product quality

at present, countries all over the world have different testing standards for the electromagnetic compatibility performance of a single electronic product. International products need to be tested repeatedly and professionally in order to adapt to and meet the standard requirements of various countries and regions. It is difficult to accurately monitor the electromagnetic signals sent by electronic equipment through ordinary equipment, and it is impossible to simulate various electromagnetic environments to test the equipment. Only by cooperating with professional laboratories and related equipment can the testing be completed

Yilian electromagnetic compatibility laboratory is equipped with a full set of electromagnetic testing experimental solutions such as high-standard full wave anechoic chamber and testing system, which can accurately detect the electromagnetic compatibility of products. The completion of this laboratory is conducive to the development and commissioning of Yilian products and further improve the efficiency of certification

emc lab, interior sketch

as we all know, in all kinds of video conferences, the quality of remote communication largely depends on the quality of audio effect. The audio laboratory built this time can objectively evaluate the sound quality performance, such as duplex analysis, echo cancellation, hearing aid compatibility, audio quality, etc

Yilian audio laboratory adopts the detection system of the industry's top German company, and the anechoic room adopts Germany's top sound-absorbing material broadband composite sound absorber (BCA), which has lower cut-off frequency and stability than the old wedge sound-absorbing material. Top international auto manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi also choose this top-level inspection scheme

through these high-standard audio tests, we can effectively troubleshoot equipment audio problems, improve product quality, and make customers feel the best audio experience in the process of communication

In the future, these professional laboratories will be widely used in hardware design, algorithm research and development, product production and other aspects of Yilian products, which can significantly improve the research and development of Yilian products

in terms of R & D work, the completion of the laboratory will greatly improve work efficiency. In the past research and development process, once the product needs to be tested, it is necessary to rent the corresponding laboratory outside, which is not only inconvenient in terms of time coordination, but also these professional laboratories are often located in Beijing, Shanghai and other regions, and staff time and financial costs also need to be considered. Now that we have our own laboratory, these problems will be solved

in terms of product performance and quality, the laboratory can help products continuously upgrade and iterate. A good product often needs to be tested and polished repeatedly. With its own laboratory, many flash ideas can finally be tested again and again, and the objective test data can be used to control the steady improvement of product quality

in the industry, few companies have the strength to invest heavily in the construction of professional laboratories. Yilian adheres to the concept of pursuing the ultimate quality products, and makes great efforts in research and development. In the process of polishing products, there are always many challenges waiting for us to overcome. In order to pursue the high quality of products, Yilian will adhere to the requirements that are several times higher than the industry standards to set its own parameter specifications. Only by polishing products with almost stringent standards, can it constantly approach perfection and create extreme boutiques

about Yilian

Yilian (Stock Code: 300628) was founded in 2001 without changing the structure and working state of the original machinery and equipment. It is a leading unified communication solution provider in the world, mainly engaged in video conferencing and voice communication solutions, adheres to independent research and innovation, and is committed to making communication simpler and more efficient. Yilian provides high-quality network communication products such as audio, video and collaboration in more than 100 countries around the world to help users improve office efficiency and competitiveness. Yilian SIP Phone (3) uses a suitable wrench to connect each oil pipe, and its market share is the first in China and the second in the world

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