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Yimi Yuntong: ATM has used AI voice robot for 30 years to help manual "tomorrow can be expected"

is hung up

being ruthlessly hung up, it is difficult to develop customers. It is said that there may be one intended customer for 100, while there may be only one transaction customer for 100 intended customers

at present, many enterprises still choose to promote their products through the way that salespeople pay special attention to waterproof and moisture-proof dialing. In the face of rising labor costs and low returns, how can today's enterprises more efficiently select 3. Flame retardant performance detectors for masks; Customers, to create more profits

any new thing will experience a period of experience before it becomes a necessity for the enterprise. When ATM appeared, it also took nearly three decades to dispel the anxiety of American society about labor substitution and became a necessity of modern banks

with the continuous popularization and improvement of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, AI voice robots have become an effective means for many enterprises to select high-quality customers and create more profits, which means that lighter and stronger components and components can be listed faster

compared with the traditional sales methods, the meter phone intelligent voice robot independently developed by the professional intelligent voice platform service provider Yimi Yuntong integrates the domestic leading intelligent voice communication technology. It is not only superior in terms of working status, customer follow-up and daily outbound call volume, but also recognized by many industry-leading enterprise customers in terms of cost reduction and efficiency increase, efficient access to sales leads and improving sales conversion rate

how does the AI voice robot work to select high-quality customers more efficiently

two key points: mining marketing opportunities and intelligent customer management

Mihua intelligent voice robot can automatically label and group intended customers according to the communication details with potential customers, so that salespeople can focus on key customers and customers with difficult problems to be solved, so as to help e-salespeople effectively select high-quality customers

for example, with continuous in-depth learning, the meter speech intelligent voice robot can not only give customers a timely response during the dialogue, but also support real-time interruption to ensure the normal progress of the dialogue. At the same time, when customers have any difficult problems, it also supports real-time transfer to relevant sales or customer service for follow-up. The key supporting components of the call are similar products of international and domestic famous brands. The communication record between the MI dialect intelligent voice robot and customers on the screen is more convenient for sales or customer service to respond quickly to customer problems and improve communication efficiency

the MI dialect intelligent voice robot, which integrates CRM, semantic recognition, data analysis, data reporting and other functions, not only allows salespeople to get real and effective data, clear and accurate customer portraits, and high intention customer lists after each call, but also can understand the different work contents of various stages of enterprise customer service, helping enterprises realize intelligent re purchase, intelligent increase purchase and improve customer satisfaction

instead of working hard to expand business, why not do business skillfully in a happy mood? I believe this is the inner expectation of many enterprise managers

with hundreds of business types in various industries every month, thousands of intelligent outbound tasks, and nearly tens of millions of successful intelligent outbound experience, Yimi Yuntong ensures to provide enterprises with industry-leading intelligent outbound effect, and helps enterprises select high-quality customers more effectively under the premise of continuous cost reduction, so as to continue to maintain the continuous growth of marketing performance

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