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Yilian IP contact center solution

CTI forum 2015 annual recommendation award selection activity topic

as the world's leading UC terminal solution, special attention should be paid to the effective travel and sample fixture providers of electronic pull machine. Yilian SIP phone market share ranks first in China and second in the world. With its high-definition sound quality and high stability, Yilian IP phone has become the mainstream choice of domestic IP contact centers, with a large number of mature large-scale deployment cases

Yilian IP contact center solution is a highly integrated one-stop solution. With its rich terminal product series and perfect compatibility with mainstream contact center systems such as Genesys, Avaya, eSOON and Hang Seng, Yilian can be deployed to each terminal link of the contact center according to the needs of different levels. Safe mechanism, stable sound quality and multiple functions highly compatible with the contact center, such as 3PCC, VPN, ACD login/logoff, software synchronization, headset coach mode and other functions, quickly establish a stable, reliable, highly integrated and low-cost marketing service platform for customers

● all phones adopt the world's first ti VoIP scheme, and the seats do not need to worry about communication interruption and other failures caused by the stability of the phone during high-frequency use, so as to help the seats avoid risks from the source

● it is seamlessly compatible with mainstream contact center systems such as Genesys, providing a reliable guarantee for user selection

● multiple functions that are highly consistent with the needs of the contact center

● easy to deploy, reducing deployment costs and time. The power consumption is extremely low, only 50% of the industry standard. Poe power supply is supported, and the utilization rate of 24 port Poe switch is 100%, which saves costs for users

● the phone can be connected to semhe through ehs3jjg 556 ⑴ 988 axial loading decadent experimental machine verification method 6, marked with Iser, Jabra, Plantronics to seek technical support and help wireless headphones, which greatly improves the user experience

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