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Yilian VC series shines at the international multimedia video Summit Forum

ctiforum on May 22 (Li Wenjie): on May 21, Yilian company, the global top3 SIP Phone Provider (Yeali can find the experimental data corresponding to any point on the curve with a mouse; NK), attended the 13th China International Multimedia Video Summit Forum and product exhibition. Yilian's new generation of high-definition video conference system -- VC series also appeared in the exhibition, and Yilian officially entered the video conference market

video conference system has a broad market prospect. On the one hand, the development of IP technology and the implementation of broadband China strategy have brought great opportunities for the development of video communication. On the other hand, video conference system has become an effective way to solve the problem of communication and travel costs after the expansion of enterprise scale and the increase of branches brought by globalization. Statistics show that the global video conference market has a compound annual growth rate of 16%, which is expected to reach US $4.15 billion by 2016

due to high costs, complex deployment and other reasons, the mainstream users of video conferencing systems have always been large and medium-sized enterprises, while small and medium-sized enterprises have been rejected. As small and medium-sized enterprises have become the basic force to promote China's economic growth after the completion of the stimulus, their demand for video conferencing will also become a big cake. Yilian has been adhering to the concept of creating IP communication value and enjoying the fun of IP communication. Lu Rongfu, vice president of Yilian, said that in order to help small and medium-sized enterprises solve the long-standing video conference dilemma and let more enterprises enjoy the fun of IP communication, Yilian officially launched VC series HD video conference system to help users enjoy high-quality video conference experience at low cost

the components of different experimental machines are also different. In this China International Multimedia Video Summit Forum and product exhibition, Yilian creatively solved the major difficulties of coating with rust and the core problems of long-life weather resistance in marine coupling environment. Through two VC series products vc400 and vc120, a video vp530, and an iPad, Yilian easily realized the transmission of four-way HD video calls and one-way auxiliary current, simulating the headquarters The scene of video conference among branches, leaders' desktops and traveling employees. At the scene, Yilian realized the 1080p video connection between the venue and Xiamen headquarters through only one 3G card, which amazed the audience present. At the same time, the simple operation interface, especially the flexible switching of the four-way video layout, makes it easy for the audience to operate. In addition, the 18 times optical zoom camera of VC series products clearly displays the text on the elabo 15 meters away from the venue after amplification. Through the demonstration of four solutions, Yilian showed the audience the characteristics of VC series products, such as high-definition audio-visual experience, flexible compatibility and interoperability, simple deployment and control, intelligent network adaptation, etc., and the audience for on-site experience and consultation was endless

with the appearance of Yilian VC series products at the China International Multimedia Video Summit Forum and product exhibition, Yilian officially entered the video conference system market. The joining of Yilian may break the pattern that large enterprises are the mainstream users of video conference system and small enterprises are rejected, and promote the outbreak of video conference system in the small and medium-sized enterprise market

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