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Yili became the leader of China's dairy industry two years in advance. A CCTV bidding was enough to make Yili the leader of the dairy industry. First, it won the first bid in the food and beverage industry with 28.6 million yuan, and then it denounced the golden segment of CCTV advertising with the highest single quotation of 100million yuan since the 10-year bidding, winning the special broadcasting right of the newly launched TV series in the first half of 2004. If we combine the two recent news from listed dairy companies, we can find the changes in the new pattern of China's dairy market

one news is that Danone Asia Co., Ltd. increased its shareholding in Bright Dairy. As the foreign shareholder of Bright Dairy, Shanghai state owned assets management company, the national shareholder of Danone Asia and Bright Dairy, holds shares respectively. Now the two sides have signed an equity transfer agreement, Danone Asia in RMB At the price of 90 yuan, the company received the shares held by Shanghai state owned assets management company, and the shareholding ratio increased from 3.85% to 7.7%

another message comes from Yili. Its latest third quarter report shows that as of September 30, 2003, the total assets of Yili Group reached 4.107 billion yuan. The main business income was 4.854 billion yuan and the total profit was 256 million yuan, an increase of 54.46% and 61.23% respectively over the same period last year. The net profit was 165million yuan, an increase of 45.56% year-on-year; The tax was 375million yuan and the earnings per share was 0.42 yuan. Among them, the most noteworthy is that the main business income of Yili is nearly 400million yuan higher than that of Guangming dairy, which ranks second

these two news seem to be irrelevant, but it makes the future of China's dairy industry clear: although foreign capital's control over China's dairy enterprises is increasing step by step, Yili has left other enterprises far behind in the game about the leader

Yili has such a big leading advantage today. In fact, it is beyond the expectation of many people, especially in the power shortage areas in the East and the power abundant areas in the West. Although since the joint-stock restructuring in 1992, Yili has achieved remarkable performance in the past decade, achieving a nearly 100 fold growth; Although at the beginning of 2003, Yili had first shown its kingly demeanor and ascended the throne of the top 100 listed companies in 2002. However, in 2002, China's dairy industry, Yili and Guangming were still in a state of dual confrontation

but today, the balance of going hand in hand has been broken, and Yili is completely ahead. Yili has been superior in terms of sales revenue, profitability, brand value, market share, enterprise scale, product quality and corporate culture. From this perspective, Yili's low-key goal of becoming the first brand of China's dairy industry in 2005 has been achieved two years ahead of schedule

this change is amazing. In fact, Yili has been regarded as a typical resource-based enterprise for a long time. Where does its current overall strength and balance ability come from

industry insiders believe that the changes of Yili today actually have profound internal causes. To sum up, it can be summarized in one sentence, that is, taking the lead with the power of giants. It is a mystery for Yili to keep an innovative and pioneering attitude all the time

the innovation of the mode of milk source base construction can actually be regarded as a classic pioneering move. The "company + farmers" and "decentralized feeding and centralized milking" models created by Yili in its early days were the most suitable models for the current development situation at that time. Therefore, Yili not only promoted itself a lot, but also received national recognition and quickly promoted D. the dynamic exchange of lengths, power units and display digits was popular all over the world for a time. But now that China's dairy industry is steadily maturing, Yili believes that such a model obviously needs to be further improved, so Yili made another amazing move in September this year, taking the lead in creating a new model of modern scale pasture in the industry, driving the decentralized feeding model formed in the surrounding areas for many years to develop towards intensive management. It has realized the transformation from large-scale small-scale groups to small-scale groups, followed a scientific, standardized and intensive dairy farming path, and established a stable base of high-quality and high-yield milk sources

what is more significant for reform is that in this new model, Yili has changed the previous situation of "enterprises paying the bill", adopted the method of attracting investment, recruited large dairy farmers with good economic conditions, rich breeding experience and technology, and a certain foundation to enter the park, and provided preferential policies

like the modern pasture Park, Yili new industrial park attracts attention not only because of its "Asia's largest dairy production base" and its "total investment of 1billion yuan". Many innovations and improvements in the planning, design and technical equipment of the new industrial park are the top priority of the industry

it is understood that Yili new industrial park will strictly refer to the process requirements and process points of GMP to make the flow of people and logistics orderly, avoid pollution in the production process, and ensure the stability of product quality; At the same time, international advanced technologies, such as membrane filtration, will be introduced to separate bacteria to ensure the purity of product flavor; Robot operation will also be used in the process with strong labor, and three-dimensional automatic warehouse will be used to monitor the stored products and the warehousing conditions by microcomputer. In addition, the whole production and logistics process of Yili new industrial park is fully controlled by microcomputer, and the data of milk collection, milk storage, sterilization system, packaging operation speed, quality inspection and hygiene inspection are synchronously transmitted to the system and displayed on the control screen, giving full play to the function of the command and control center

informatization has always been the weakness of traditional industries, but in Yili, this view has been completely overturned. Recently, the "top 100 Chinese enterprise informatization" was selected at the "Fifth China enterprise IT Application Forum" held in Beijing, and Yili Group successfully entered the top 10

we can also cite similar pioneering actions, and then apply a certain amount of ultrasonic vibration to them. For example, Yili is the first enterprise in China's dairy industry to comprehensively implement HACCP safety certification; Yili has the most advanced milk powder production line in China and even the world; Yili is the first Chinese dairy enterprise to enter the Hong Kong and Macao markets; Yili Group has passed the ISO9002 international quality system certification for the first time in the national food industry; Yili and Peking University Founder launched the largest market promotion activity of China's dairy industry; Yili's Yili brand pure milk was recognized as a qualified product under the national quality and safety standard by the national food quality inspection center and other authoritative departments; Yili is the first enterprise in China to donate to SARS; Yili is the first dairy industry in China to achieve the record of Tetra Pak packaging product production and sales exceeding 5billion packages...

it is countless such firsts that enable Yili to have more and deeper accumulation, with a market share of 18% in the national market of liquid milk, and a cold drink product ranking first in the country for ten consecutive years. Today, the position of Yili's leader Qun Lun can be firmly established

even those multinational companies that have been in the international arena for many years have also praised Yili. The Asian president of Tetra Pak, an international packaging giant, who increased farmers' income by more than 3 billion yuan, said: "We greatly appreciate the development strategy of Yili Group, and we are proud to have such an excellent strategic partner as Yili. Yili Group has developed very fast in recent years, and has a steady style. All this proves that Yili is a very excellent company. For an excellent company like Yili, the goal of entering the top 20 dairy companies in the world does not need us to wait long. Tetra Pak is able to Together with Yili Group, we are proud to create a grand scene of China's dairy industry. "

in the enterprise strategic planning of Yili Group, it has clearly set its own goal, that is, to achieve the first brand of China's dairy industry in 2005, and to enter the world's top 20 dairy industry in 2012. Today, when the bell rang for the 2004 new year, Yili people took charge of the door of China's dairy industry in advance with their consistent steadiness and foresight. We have reason to believe that in the next few years, Yili will become the representative of national industry standing proudly in the forest of world famous brands

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