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The latest development of the bill printing industry

the bill printing industry is full of vitality, but also latent crisis. The traditional bill printing stagnates and will eventually be phased out. Especially in Japan, Europe and the United States and other regions, the printing volume of traditional bills has fallen sharply, and many enterprises have closed, but many new technologies have also emerged in the new field of modern bill printing. Generally speaking, the bill printing industry is still developing and growing without relying on imports of high-end products and different fixtures designed according to different samples and experimental methods. At present, the new technologies being developed in the bill printing industry mainly include combination printing, ultra long printing and variable data printing

combination printing

modern bill printing is characterized by the integration of traditional technology and digital technology, as well as different technical methods, that is, offset printing, embossing, flexographic printing, gravure printing, silk printing, digital printing and other printing methods are combined to realize bill printing. In the past, these printing methods were relatively independent, with different speeds, processes, printing materials, etc. now, due to the development of technology, these printing methods are getting closer and closer, so there is the concept of combined printing. These printing methods lead the way, making the combination printing even more beautiful

1. The advantages of offset printing

the printing quality of offset printing has been recognized, the printing process and equipment have been developed relatively well, the supporting raw and auxiliary materials have been fully mature, and the printing cost is low. Therefore, offset printing is widely recognized as a printing method for bill printing

2. Advantages of embossing

embossing ink is thick and does not need fountain solution. It is suitable for large-area printing. The process is relatively simple and the cost is relatively low. The number printing in bill printing is mostly embossed, and the printing of isolating oil in scraping prize is generally completed by embossing

3. Advantages of gravure printing

the ink color of gravure printing is full and thick, with a three-dimensional sense. The gravure cylinder can realize seamless technology. It is the main printing method of banknotes and securities. The printing quality of gravure printing is the most stable, and it is also suitable for printing non paper substrate materials. In bill printing, gravure printing is often used for anti-counterfeiting shading and other characteristic printing

4. Advantages of flexographic printing

flexographic printing uses water-based ink, which does not pollute the environment. It is suitable for printing Treasury bills and completing the cover printing on some bills. In addition, flexographic printing is also suitable for printing varnish. At present, the grade of domestic equipment is still relatively low, mostly in the middle and low grades, while foreign equipment is relatively advanced

many people have a misunderstanding that flexographic printing is not as good as other printing methods. In fact, with the corresponding equipment, plates, raw and auxiliary materials, mature technology and high-level operators, flexographic printing can not only ensure quality, but also print products with unique styles

5. Advantages of silk printing

silk printing can cover light colors on dark colors, and has strong adaptability to inks. The ink layer of silk printing is the thickest of all printing methods, such as covering ink, gold and silver ink, and it can print almost any kind of substrate materials, such as lottery tickets, scraping silver on invoices, etc., most of which are printed by silk

6. Advantages of inkjet printing

inkjet printing is mainly used for variable data printing in bill printing. At present, many domestic manufacturers use inkjet equipment to print bar codes, one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, winning information, bill numbers, personal information, etc. on bills. This equipment is very suitable for printing variable information of bills in terms of printing width, resolution and printing speed

at present, foreign bill printing mostly adopts combined printing, and combined bill printing machines mostly use offset printing, embossing printing, flexographic printing, number printing and other printing rollers to exchange on the same printing unit, which can print more than 12 colors, and the printed bills (such as lottery tickets, guarantees, invoices, etc.) are difficult to forge. At present, there are many kinds of printing methods in China. Some manufacturers are offset printing, embossing printing, inkjet plus flexographic printing, and some manufacturers are offset printing, embossing printing, inkjet printing and silk printing

in addition, foreign manufacturers have also developed drum exchange technology. Digital printing and silk printing are special, and there must still be a separate unit. However, offset printing, flexographic printing, gravure printing, embossing printing need to be combined with formula design, processing technology, post-treatment technology and other comprehensive consideration. Coding and other technologies can be realized on the same printing unit through drum exchange technology. Replacing offset printing is offset printing, Flexographic printing is flexographic printing. That is to say, offset printing, gravure printing, embossing printing and flexographic printing interchangeable rollers can be printed by various printing processes on one equipment, and different processes can be adopted according to different products

ultra long printing

the length of domestic ordinary bills is generally 9-18 inches, and the length of double diameter printing is 14-28 inches. However, the ultra long printing developed in Europe and the United States has a bill length of 28-72 inches, and its length can be adjusted. These extra long bills are generally used in physical examination forms, production records, tax summaries, etc

in recent years, many foreign companies have come to China, and the staff will have a physical examination after they come. The physical examination form includes all personal health information, and all the contents of the physical examination are also on this form. After the physical examination, it can be directly printed out and taken away without handwriting. This super long form is also used in the physical examination forms of some jobs in Beijing and Shanghai. In Japan, the physical examination form has a length of 60 inches

about the application of super long bills of production records, as well as the production records of power plants, the production records within a month are recorded with different projects, changes and production conditions. However, using the previous recording paper to record production data can no longer meet their requirements, including some nuclear power plants, whose power monitoring requires these production records, so that people can see at a glance. At present, some steel mills have also begun to adopt this new production record method

Another application of super long bills is tax summary. Since most of our current income is diversified, we must make a tax summary for such diversified income at the end of the year. There are such a series of tax summaries in Europe and America. China now also has to pay personal income tax, so tax summary is also necessary

variable data printing

the prize invoices and telecommunication lists we now print are variable data printing. There are many ways of variable data printing, such as laser, inkjet printing, etc. In general, inkjet printing has certain advantages. The current variable data printing is developing from monochrome to color inkjet printing. The use of chromatic or color printing can produce personalized bill advertisements for different customers, provide the most appropriate advertising printing method for individuals with different consumption capabilities, and strengthen the effective transmission of advertising information

variable data printing has a certain workflow. 1. It must be ensured that the full filling of refrigeration materials in the refrigeration tank is related to the data. In some foreign professional printing shops and factories, their investment in computer systems is far more than that in China. The core of this system is the database. Variable data printing is the combination of printing and database, which can change the content of each printed matter in a batch of prints, realize personalized printing, and make the printed matter content received by each audience different. The database itself is the source of profits of enterprises, which can provide you with a lot of information. For example, Shanghai now has a powerful database called "demographic geographic information database", which can locate everyone. This database is linked to everyone's medical insurance, pension, birth, old age and death, and even everyone's life. These data are resources in themselves. A well-known company in North America has accounted for 100% of the operating profit of the database. However, the database needs to be integrated. Through the data resources provided by the customer, print out the data, insert the advertisement, and then deliver the data. But if the data is not delivered, even if it is completed, it must be fed back. Therefore, this set of management system is very important. Once there was a provincial mobile company, 16% of the letters they sent were returned. Variable data printing should have an overall solution. As a digital management system, there should be a complete solution from data to intermediate management system to firewall, and these data are confidential. If the American embassy receives a bill that is not theirs, they will ask, "where is our bill?" So the data in this area needs a firewall

these data need job management, which has different electronic files and different databases for different formats. In this case, we also need to make a reasonable institutional transformation into the format we need, during which there will be some layout design and data feedback. In the area of data printing, many Chinese enterprises have not really realized the importance of management. Like the bills of some telecom companies, it is very important to ensure that the order of bills is not chaotic

in the area of data printing, foreign countries generally use color versions. Some telecom bills in Japan are now color versions, including those of some British companies, which have also changed from black-and-white to color versions, which is also a development trend. With the improvement of the service level of enterprises to customers, the bill mailing volume provided to customers will be larger and larger, even reaching millions of copies, and the requirements of bill making quality are also higher and higher. Colored and even colored bills have been everywhere. Using colored bills can increase attention by 94%, understanding by 55% - 73%, recognition by 78%, information transmission rate by 80%, sales by 88%, customer satisfaction rate by 75%, customer response rate by 83%, and have the flexibility of steady expansion and upgrading

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