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Yingxin has developed a micro vibration generator

perpetuum, a subsidiary of the University of Southampton in the UK, said that its vibration power generation device pmg17 is a safe and durable substitute for batteries and hard wired power supply equipment. This micro generator uses well-designed resonant magnets and coil arrangements to convert mechanical vibration into electricity, so as to provide power for the entire wireless sensor system. The power generated by this micro generator is enough to provide power for several low-energy wireless sensors through a variety of wireless networks

when steveroberts, the technical manager of tupe, whose market value will exceed 800million, joined this subsidiary of the University of Southampton in 2005, the challenge he faced was to transform a "proof of concept" demonstration product into a patentable and market value product, and make it clean enough to be a reliable, safe and maintenance free power source for wireless sensors, with a service life of at least 20 years. Roberts said, "although we have known the principle of vibrating generators for many years, the progress in wireless sensors in the oil industry has really given us the impetus to develop products with market value. The cost during downtime -- such as offshore oil production platforms -- is huge, so operators make extensive use of sensors to ensure early recovery." (before 257 building lighting that caused obstacles such as photovoltaic, lithium battery, light alloy of vehicle and fan blades, fuel cell diaphragm, etc.) damage and potential problems were found. In the oil industry, generally speaking, installing a hard wired sensor costs about $30000, so you can correctly identify why the use of wireless sensors is such a great progress. " The person in charge of the factory uses accelerometers and thermometers to monitor the bearings and rotors of engines, blowers, pumps, compressors and other equipment. Temperature rise or abnormal vibration indicates the existence of defects that may eventually lead to machine failure. By monitoring the temperature and vibration of the machine, engineers can understand its condition and predict machine faults. In this way, preventive measures, such as planned maintenance and repair, can be taken to avoid huge losses caused by downtime

so far, most of the monitoring has been completed by expensive hardwired sensors or few maintenance personnel using handheld monitoring devices. The vibration power generation device of perpetuum can enable it to continuously monitor important production lines or machines for a long time and improve economic benefits. This micro generator is now recognized by the oil industry and is used in several gas stations, including shell's nyhamna gas plant in Norway, which provides power for wireless vibration and temperature sensors. According to shell, the pilot wireless vibration and temperature monitoring system in Norway has been successful, opening the way for the global application of wireless technology as a standard operation. Shell has 20million sensor sites around the world, and it plans to convert them into wireless sensors in the next 10 years

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