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The latest development of flexographic printing machine

flexographic printing, as a kind of environmental protection printing, has developed rapidly in recent years. Especially after the application of computer technology in flexographic printing, positioning and registration, tension control, screen display quality tracking and feedback have been automated, saving time and reducing the difficulty of operation - all these, Flexographic printing has become the fastest growing printing method in the world. Especially in the field of packaging, flexographic printing has been widely used in all kinds of packaging and printing. According to relevant information, by the end of the 20th century, the turnover of the flexo printing industry in the United States had exceeded US $72.8 billion, with an annual growth rate of 7%. Flexographic printing has accounted for 22% of all printing methods

in addition, flexographic printing is particularly suitable for small batch and multi variety packaging printing. With the improvement of flexographic machine supporting technology, materials that were difficult to print in the past, such as extremely thin films, non ink absorbing materials, can be printed at high speed. If directly equipped with a variety of multi-functional post press processing equipment, such as die cutting, box making, bronzing and other follow-up work can be completed at one time, which can shorten the time, reduce paper consumption, and stabilize the quality of printed matter. Therefore, flexographic printing has great market potential in packaging and printing

I believe that flexographic printing will also have a broader development prospect in China with the development of packaging and printing industry in the future. Next, we will provide the technical development of the three equipment manufacturing enterprises for industry reference

paper feeding Department

Taiwan Changsheng Industry Co., Ltd.

in line with the requirements of E-board or thinner board and horizontal board, sun front edge paper feeding is standard equipment, which automatically adjusts the extension of paper feeding stroke and strong paper feeding wheel box with the length of paper board, so as to overcome the paper feeding error and skew. Electrically and by setting and adjusting the position of the tailgate, the cardboard separator is matched to reduce the weight of the cardboard stack and improve the smoothness of paper feeding. The blowing and suction dust collecting device improves the efficiency of removing paper dust and reduces the probability of white leakage in printing. The front baffle and rear baffle are fixed with linear ball slide rails to ensure the stability of high-speed operation

Beijing Dobek packaging and Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

uses vacuum suction and air pressure suction to feed the paperboard, ensuring the accuracy of paper feeding and no scratching of the paperboard. The whole machine adopts the overall structure, with stable operation and small vibration, which is conducive to paper feeding. The rear carriage can be adjusted according to the length and curvature of the paperboard, and the height can be adjusted pneumatically to achieve the best paper feeding effect. It is also equipped with air suction, brush and electrostatic air knife dust removal devices to ensure good printing quality and high efficiency

Zhuzhou Sanxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

the paper feeding Department developed and designed by our company is a patented technology with independent intellectual property rights. It is mainly composed of feed roll, drag roll, electronic cam, front baffle, negative pressure system, electronic sensor system, dust removal device and frame. Among them, the electronic cam is independently driven by the servo motor, which can control the contact time between the cardboard and the drag roller as needed. The drag roller pulls out the cardboard stacked on the rack one by one and hands it to the paper feeding roller, and the cardboard then enters the printing station. At the same time, the front baffle accurately controls the longitudinal position of the cardboard and the printing section, and controls the feeding of one cardboard at a time. The dust removal device composed of two dust removal brushes helps remove the paper dust on the surface of the cardboard. The negative pressure system flattens the bent cardboard so that the cardboard can be smoothly and smoothly sent to the printing station. Since the feed roller, drag roller and electronic cam are all independently driven by servo motor, their running speed and mode can be controlled by program, which can easily implement the comprehensive control of paper feeding every other sheet, continuous paper feeding, stopping paper feeding, feeding one sheet, etc., and can be reset and adjusted uniformly with printing

conveying Department

Taiwan Changsheng Industry Co., Ltd.

the suction conveyor wheel box is matched with the steel hard conveyor wheel, which has no wear and tear, and the long-term use will not affect the transmission accuracy, so as to avoid the trouble that the belt type or soft conveyor wheel needs to be replaced due to wear and aging, so as to ensure the long-term use accuracy of the machine and save costs. The suction range changes automatically with the size of the paperboard and does not need to be adjusted to maintain the best transmission suction. The suction is adjusted by frequency conversion to maintain the best transmission state, taking into account the dual effects of stable suction and power saving

the vacuum transfer wheel adsorbs and transfers the paperboard, and the printing plate does not need to bear the force of transferring the paperboard to eliminate the creeping phenomenon of the printing plate, which is suitable for high-quality and high-speed printing. In addition, there is no paper biting wheel device, which is full of poor casting strength. There is no need to reserve paper edges for gripping and transmission to reduce the waste of paperboard, and there is no need to adjust the printing unit when it is not used. The operation is simple

Zhuzhou Sanxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

applies the national patented technology (corrugated board printing machine precision transmission system) with independent intellectual property rights, and adopts the compensated flexible transmission mode or shaftless transmission mode, which solves the problem that the transmission line speed made by the cross slider coupling is not equal to the printing plate roller line speed. The whole process vacuum negative pressure conveying system can use vacuum negative pressure to level the corrugated board in the whole process, which is more suitable for the conveying of corrugated board that is easy to bend

printing department

Taiwan Changsheng Industry Co., Ltd.

the movable stand of the printing department can meet the general production needs. At the same time, the fixed stand can also be used for plate changing, cleaning and other preparatory operations during printing, which is suitable for high-efficiency production needs. Most places of high and low are almost blank; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and the production maintains the same chromatic accuracy, with both accuracy and efficiency requirements

closed scraper wiping ink is a necessary equipment for high-quality printing. The flow guiding ink chamber and ink supply flow balance control device can reduce ink overflow, ink leakage and other phenomena. According to the production demand, scrapers of different materials such as plastic, steel, ceramic, carbon fiber can be installed to change the thickness of the ink layer or service life

more importantly, vacuum transmission is of great help to improve the printing quality. During the printing process, the paperboard is completely adsorbed and transmitted by the vacuum transmission wheel. The printing plate does not need to bear the force of transferring the paperboard to eliminate the creeping phenomenon of the printing plate. There is no paper biting wheel device. For full page printing, there is no need to reserve paper edges for holding transmission to reduce the waste of paperboard, and there is no need to adjust and operate the printing unit without use

in addition, various ceramic inking rollers with different ink content are selected according to printing requirements, ranging from 200lpi to 600lpi. The quality of high-precision parts is suitable for high and low-speed operation, which can maintain the same printing accuracy, and meet the light printing requirements of fine words, lines, dots and other exquisite printing

Beijing Dobek packaging and Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

the single machine is directly driven by brushless servo motor. There is no spindle and differential gear system connection between the single machines. The transmission links are reduced, the structure is simple, the accuracy is high, and the interchangeability is strong, avoiding the error and wear of mechanical transmission. The inking system of tp2200 flexographic press is composed of pneumatic diaphragm pump, large diameter corrugated roller and rubber roller. Pneumatic diaphragm pump can reduce foam and quickly clean after printing. The pressure adjustment between the corrugation roller and the rubber roller, and between the corrugation roller and the printing roller is of high precision, and the necessary thickness of the ink layer can be properly controlled to obtain exquisite printing. At the same time, a stable and reliable scraper system is the decisive factor to ensure high-quality printing. In order to realize the combination of various fine dots and field printing, the scraper and rubber roller can adjust the ink volume and the thickness of ink thin layer to the greatest extent, that is, it can realize high-point precision printing, and it can also meet the general printing with large amount of ink and large-area field printing. The scraper adopts the reverse scraper control system, which is conveniently realized by the electric mode

Zhuzhou Sanxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

adopts an ink scraping system that can quickly and accurately locate, quickly change knives, and have good ink scraping effects. It can not only improve the ink scraping quality and efficiency, but also reduce the wear of the blade and prolong the service life of the blade. Among them, the sealing and inking device has national patented technology with independent intellectual property rights. The precision pressure regulating system adopts ball screw, precision motor and instruments. Accurately measure the relative position, relative spacing and adjustment amount between rolls; There are two major technical difficulties in the development of printing plate and inking roller, and between printing plate and pressure roller (paperboard). The minimum adjustment value of ink pressure and embossing pressure can reach 0.01mm. Coordinate with the application of the latest transmission technology in the world today -- shaftless transmission, avoid the gear clearance and the error expansion caused by accumulated error and mechanical wear in mechanical transmission, improve the stability and reliability of machinery, and realize high-precision registration printing, with the registration accuracy of ± 0.3mm. In addition, UV curing and drying system or infrared drying system can be configured according to user requirements to facilitate the smooth curing and drying of paperboard after printing, and improve the printing speed and quality

order changing speed and production speed

Taiwan Changsheng Industry Co., Ltd.

cnc controls the automatic order arranging system to record the previous optimal operating conditions. All the relevant gaps through which the paperboard passes can automatically reach the positioning at one time by selecting the paperboard thickness or ridge, automatically detecting the current position of each part of the machine at any time, searching for the shortest moving distance, avoiding the lengthy zeroing time, and maintaining the precise positioning function of the best production conditions, Reaching the first piece of cardboard is the highest goal of the finished product, which greatly shortens the scheduling adjustment time

the quick rotation of the plate carcass and the positioning device of the hinge at any point save the time of hanging, disassembling and erasing the plate

after erasing, it will automatically return to the position before shutdown to maintain the original chromatic accuracy, and the machine will operate immediately without debugging again. The precise and delicate automatic adjustment of all parts, and the reduction of unnecessary human actions, achieve the precise adjustment done at one time, greatly shorten the order replacement time and improve production efficiency

Beijing Dobek packaging and Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

the distance between single machines is fixed, and the single machine does not need to be moved during version change and shutdown inspection, so as to ensure the overprint accuracy of multiple starts, and it is conducive to the operator to change the version and use the scraper. It can also conveniently increase or decrease the printing unit according to the user's requirements. Plate hanging is convenient and fast, with plate tilt adjustment device; The adjustment is convenient and intuitive. The whole cleaning process is controlled by the computer. The operator only needs to press a button to complete the whole cleaning process. Generally, the order change time is about 15 minutes, the maximum production speed can be 150 sheets/minute, and the normal production speed is 80 ~ 120 sheets/minute

Zhuzhou Sanxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

applies advanced digital adjustment technology to quickly adjust various clearances and pressures directly according to the thickness of the paperboard. Fast plate hanging device and reverse plate pasting device are conducive to accurate plate pasting and fast plate changing. The friendly man-machine interface control system controls each servo motor to drive independently through the bus. This system can automatically adjust the initial zero position of each roll axis instantly through the unified adjustment button on the man-machine interface, which greatly shortens the plate change time. Usually, the order change time is about 15 minutes. The maximum production speed can be 250 sheets/minute without phthalate, and the normal production speed is 120~180 sheets/minute

control system

Taiwan Changsheng Industry Co., Ltd.

each unit of the machine is controlled by independent PLC. Each unit is connected by network communication, and can be remotely monitored and maintained through the line and external connection, simplifying the complexity of external wiring and avoiding signal error or degradation, ensuring the stability of control and simplicity of maintenance. It is the most advanced control architecture today. In addition, there are the following features:

first, various types of paper are preset for man-machine interface

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