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The latest development of CNC machine tool technology

CNC Chengde zongchi Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a domestic high-tech enterprise specializing in the research of high molecular material experimental methods and the manufacture of material experimental machines. Machine tools are developing in the direction of high speed, high efficiency and high precision. In order to enhance market competitiveness, machine tool manufacturers in various countries have adopted many new technologies in the design and manufacture of CNC machine tools, such as linear motors, efficient cooling systems Multi function machining system, open CNC system and network manufacturing system, etc. At present, these advanced technologies are applied to new CNC machine tool products

1 linear motor

advanced linear motor drive has been widely used in CNC milling machines and CNC lathes. It can not only carry out high-speed cutting and chip removal of parts under the cutting condition of f=60m/min feed speed, but also improve the machining accuracy of parts. Linear motor has the characteristics of accelerating servo response, zigzag fixture response speed, improving servo control accuracy and machine tool machining accuracy, so it can greatly expand the machining capacity of CNC machine tools. The general rotary linear motion transmission system will affect the processing quality of parts because of its inherent problems such as mass, inertia, lead, lag and vibration. On the contrary, the installation of linear motor on CN but fatigue testing machine C does not have the above problems. At present, Mazak, Mori Seiji, Okuma, cincinnatimachine and other companies have used linear motors in new CNC machine tools, so that the feed speed of the machine tool reaches more than f=60m/min, the fast moving speed reaches f=120m/min, and the acceleration of the machine tool reaches 2G. At present, there are still some problems in the use of linear motors, such as small bearing capacity and heating, which need to be improved in the future

2 high efficiency cooling system

for CNC machine tools for high-speed cutting, each axis should be cut at the feed speed of f=60m/min, which will cause high temperature in the processing of CNC machine tools using ball screws, which will seriously affect the dimensional accuracy of parts and the positioning accuracy of machine tools. The ball screw cooler developed by Hitachi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. cools down by transferring coolant in the hollow ball screw, so as to cool the screw and stabilize the processing size. The electronic cooler control system developed by Makino company can monitor the temperature rise of the ball screw due to friction and keep the temperature of the ball screw within the allowable range. In addition to cooling the ball screw, the temperature rise of the high-speed rotating spindle should also be strictly controlled. Yamazen company cools the spindle, cutting tools and machined parts of the machine tool through the central hole of the spindle with the coolant pressure of p=6.89mpa. It can not only ensure that the workpiece and tool are not affected by temperature rise, improve the service life of the tool, but also make the chip discharge smoothly and purify the processing environment. In order to avoid the influence of temperature rise on the guide rail, Hitachi and the bearing manufacturer jointly developed the guide rail grease with the brand number of eco Eco, which has the advantages of cooling, good lubrication effect, no harmful substances, automatic lubrication and no special equipment. Many manufacturers have proved that it has good use effect and economic benefits

3 multi function machining system

it is an inevitable trend of manufacturing technology progress that a part completes all machining processes on a machine tool. The newly developed lathes are similar to the 4-5 axis machining function on the machining center, as well as the high-power and multi-functional b-axis machining system and automatic tool change device, which gradually reduces the difference between the lathe and the machining center and becomes a multi-functional machining machine tool. The emergence of multifunctional machine tools is one of the symbols of the technological progress of CNC machine tools

4 high efficiency and high power spindle motor

in order to improve the cutting speed, fast response ability and control accuracy of the spindle motor of machine tools, most CNC machine tools choose the integrated Spindle AC induction spindle motor to replace the previous separated spindle motor decelerated by belt or gear. Recently, with the progress of technology, a new permanent magnet integrated spindle motor containing rare materials has been developed. Because it can transmit torque more efficiently and with high power, it has a great trend to replace the induction integrated spindle motor. According to the manager of yamazen company, this permanent magnet integrated spindle motor containing niobium has the following three advantages compared with the general induction integrated spindle motor:

the transmission torque is large. The comparative test conducted by the company with two motors with power n=7.46kw and speed n=6000r/min shows that the torque transmitted by the general induction integrated spindle motor is 95n · M, The permanent magnet integrated spindle motor containing rare materials can transmit 160n · m torque

it is easy to control the temperature rise generated in use, and a simple air cooling method can be used to cool the spindle motor without installing expensive coolers

because the motor is made of special permanent magnet materials, it has strong magnetism, small size and compact structure. This can increase the diameter of the spindle hole and greatly improve the processing capacity of the machine tool. For example, in the lathe, the maximum diameter of bars that the feeding device can pass through is 52mm. Now, after using the permanent magnet integrated spindle motor, the machine tool can process bars with a maximum diameter of 61mm

5 network manufacturing system

in recent years, network technology has become the main means of communication and control tools in CNC machine tool processing, and is bound to form a set of advanced network manufacturing systems. For example, through the open CNC system and the remote control diagnosis system, if the machine tool has problems in processing, it can automatically send information to the design department, so that the problems can be solved in time. A large amount of processing information automatically stored and rapidly processed in the machine tool CNC system can be transmitted and exchanged in real time through the network, including design data, graphic files, process data, processing status, etc., which greatly improves the production efficiency. At present, it is still used most to improve services through networks and provide strong technical support to users

on imts2000, many machine tool manufacturers exhibited the newly developed network manufacturing system. For example, cincinnatimachine company demonstrated to users that programmers, operators and maintenance personnel communicate and transmit sound or images through the open CNC system they designed and the domestic network manufacturing center of cincinnatimachine company. At the same time, it demonstrated the use method of remote control diagnosis system, which increased the desire and confidence of users to use the network manufacturing system. According to the manager of cincinnatimachine, as long as users buy the required software, modems, network cameras and headphones, they can go online without installing a network server. The production efficiency is greatly improved by exchanging various information on. According to IAMS, users can recommend the cutting speed, feed rate, cutting depth, etc. that should be selected in processing to users through their station according to the processing materials, cutting tool materials and other information entered by users. Users can program and process according to the recommended data. If there is a problem, you can also contact the station to ensure the smooth processing

6 open CNC system

the use of open CNC system can greatly improve the real-time data exchange ability, real-time response ability and multi task parallel processing ability of machine tools. The open CNC system called universal user interface developed by Hitachi precision machine tool company can connect the CNC operating system software of machine tools with Internet for information exchange. In addition to the above advantages, the system also has the following characteristics. It is the top product in the open CNC system:

greatly improves the function of CNC machine tools. For example, it can make the machine tool have the function of remote diagnosis

the data transmission capacity of the CNC system is greatly improved, and the transmission speed between the CNC system and the network can be as high as 10MB/s

in order to give full play to the role of Internet, they also developed hs-mos operation code. Using this kind of operation code of coherent statistical display, users can easily compile third-party software with VisualBasic or C language according to actual needs, such as remote control diagnosis and data processing programs. At present, network manufacturing system and open CNC system are just like TV stations and televisions. They transmit signals of different frequencies through TV towers, that is, they can receive various images and sounds on televisions everywhere. Network manufacturing system refers to TV stations and TV towers, while open CNC system refers to TVs distributed all over the country. As long as there is a design or manufacturing unit that compiles different processing control programs according to different processing parts needs, other manufacturers can extract the required control programs from the network manufacturing system and process the parts. This will greatly change the current way of machine manufacturing

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