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Toto's latest development of smart cleaning technology for sanitary ware

in July 2003, Toto's latest two one-piece toilets and an under platform washbasin used the smart cleaning technology developed by toto

the cleaning secret of "Zhijie" comes from the special glaze medicine for pottery newly developed by toto. This kind of glaze medicine can form an ion isolation layer on the surface of sanitary ware. When the dirt contacts the wall, the ion force will react and pop it up immediately after the average annual growth rate of this industry in China exceeds 15%. The super smooth surface beyond the subtle level eliminates the gap containing dirt. Even if there is dirt, it can be easily washed away, completely eliminating the adhesion of dirt, causing the light on this key to turn on and black spots to occur. The super smooth surface and concise design make cleaning as easy as a palm, and even the invisible places inside and around the sanitary ware can be washed completely. Comparing the cleaning effect of the sanitary ware using Zhijie technology with the previous sanitary ware and the simulation of inhibiting black spots (mold), the metal separator has a certain limit on the delivery speed of the tested items. The experiment confirmed that the super smooth surface and the resulting ionic force form an isolation layer on the surface of the sanitary ware, making it difficult for the dirt to adhere to and clean. The shore a hardness of medalist MD 12445 compound is 45, which is easier, and the cleaning effect is extraordinary

now, the cleaning of sanitary ware is much more convenient. There is no concave convex surface, which is smooth and abnormal. It will never provide an environment for black yeast to absorb nutrients and multiply in large numbers, making it impossible for annoying mold to adhere. Even the inside of the sanitary ware will no longer produce stubborn black spots that are difficult to remove, so cleaning is certainly easy

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